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About cancelling my TalkTalk service

We're sorry you're thinking of leaving us. As a valued customer we don't want to see you go, but whatever your reason for leaving you’ll need to speak to us on the phone to discuss your account and cancellation. Our dedicated team are here to help so please get in touch on the number below:

Call us now


0870 444 1820

or 0203 441 5550

Free from your TalkTalk phone

Calls from non-TalkTalk lines charged at 3ppm plus your phone company's access charge.

If you're thinking of switching to another provider, it's worth knowing all the facts so you can make the right decision for you. TalkTalk customers save on average £94 vs BT so there are plenty of great benefits of being a TalkTalk customer.


The benefits of being a TalkTalk customer:

  1. When we say totally unlimited we mean it – all our packages are 100% totally unlimited without caps or penalties like BT's £5.60 fee for every 5GB over your usage allowance on capped packages.

  2. Pay the same price even if you're out of contract - BT charge up to £144 per year extra for being out of contract

  3. Enjoy free calls to all TalkTalk households – natter away to your heart’s content.

  4. Make international calls that don’t cost the earth – add our International Calls and Global Minutes Boosts.

  5. Save on your precious mobile minutes with our new Talk2Go App.

  6. Choose your favourite TV Boosts - dip in & out of the best movies, entertainment and sports for just a month at a time.

  7. Take the TV you love on the go with TV2Go and get hooked on a new series with Netflix.

  8. Take your pick from some of the best value SIM plans in Britain with TalkTalk Mobile

  9. Get your hands on the latest, superhot smartphones with more data at this price than 02, Vodafone, EE and the rest!

  10. Stay in control of your bills with our simple bill busters

  11. Enjoy 10% off your line rental with our value line rental option.

  12. We’ve got more free calling features like Voicemail and Last Caller Barring than any other provider - saving you £153.60 a year in calling features vs. BT 


Save even more money with TalkTalk

TalkTalk offer some incredibly smart and simple ways to save money, as well as helpful ways to manage your bill so it works for you. Visit our Bill Busters to find out more.


Moving home?

If you're moving home, it couldn't be simpler to take your TalkTalk services with you to your new home. Our quick, easy and hassle-free online home move service will help you arrange everything in a few steps and there's no charge for your move. You'll begin a new 18 month contract at your new home too.

Having speed issues? 

Fibre rocketYou can check the speed of your broadband connection by visiting the service centre using the button below. You'll also find help to troubleshoot any problems and get the best out of your speeds. If you want faster broadband, why not consider upgrading to Fibre? Learn more and check whether it's available for you below.

Test my speed

Check Fibre availability


Having other problems with your service?

If you're leaving us because you think we could do better, please tell us and we'll do everything we can to fix it. Visit How do I make a complaint? for details.


TalkTalk Awards

We're award winning...

In recognition of our promise to always offer better value, we’ve beaten the likes of BT, Virgin Media & Sky to win several awards. We’re now Best Value Broadband, Phone & TV provider as rated by SimplifyDigital, uSwitch Best TV Provider 2015 and Best Value TV Provider in the MoneySuperMarket Broadband Supers 2015. With plenty of exciting plans to make TalkTalk even better, the awards look set to continue!



How do I cancel my service?

Our dedicated loyalty team are on hand to discuss your account, bills and any problems you may be having. They will do everything they can to put things right for you so we recommend getting in touch first on the number below:


Call us now

0870 444 1820

 Free from your TalkTalk landline.



If I cancel my broadband and/ or calls package can I keep TV?

To have TV from TalkTalk, you also need to have TalkTalk Broadband & Phone. If you decide to cancel either of these services you will lose your TV service from us too.

How do I cancel my order?

We're sorry to hear your thinking of cancelling your order. Whether you've had a problem or simply changed your mind we'd like to help you. Please get in touch on 0870 444 1820.


How long do I have to cancel my order?

You'll have up to 20 days from the date you placed your order to cancel. If you've used any of your TalkTalk services during that time the relevant charges will apply.

Please note: If you cancel after 20 days, early termination charges will apply. 


How do I cancel my Mobile/tablet order?

For details on cancelling your mobile or tablet order, please see What happens if I want to return my handset or tablet?

Is there a charge for terminating my contract early?

If you decide to cancel your services with TalkTalk while you are in contract early termination charges will apply. It's always best to contact us first so we can discuss your TalkTalk account on 0870 444 1820.

TV, Phone and Broadband

Package Charge per month remaining on your contract
Phone only £3.00
Plus £22.97
Plus TV £22.97*
Essentials £15.31
Essentials TV £15.31*
Simply Broadband £13.52
Any other package £8.00 - £23.31 dependent on package

* A deferred set top box fee may also apply (see below)


Deferred set top box fees

Your Essentials TV or Plus TV package will have included a free set top box as well as your TalkTalk TV services. If you are still in contract with TalkTalk we'll send you a returns bag and you'll need to return your set top box to us within 28 days. If you'd like to keep your box, or don't return it to us within 28 days, a deferred set top box fee of £75 will apply.



  • If you are a customer taking the Fibre Medium service you will be charged £10 per month for every month left on your contract, in addition to the phone and broadband early termination charges.
  • If you are a customer taking the Fibre Large service you will be charged £15 per month for every month left on your contract, in addition to the phone and broadband early termination charges.


TalkTalk Mobile

If you wish to terminate your TalkTalk Mobile service within the minimum-term a charge will apply. This charge will be the number of months remaining in your contract, multiplied by the amount you pay each month.

When will my contract end?

The expiry date of your TalkTalk package should be printed on your Welcome Pack if you are a new customer or renewal letter if you have extended your contract at any point.

If you can’t find this, please contact us on the number below:


0870 444 1820

Free from your TalkTalk phone

Open 8am - 8pm


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