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Some great tips about your TalkTalk Mobile bill


Your first bill may be different to what you were expecting. This is because it will include a charge that covers the time from when your service went live up to your first billing date. For example, if your service went live on the 10th of November, and you were billed on the 16th of November, you would be charged based on a daily rate for this period as well as a full month charge in advance for your services from the 16th November to 15th December.

Also, if you have activated any services within that billing period, you will be charged a Part Month charge - so this could also explain the reasoning behind a larger bill.


Your TalkTalk Mobile bill will show all charges, credits and discounts that have been added to your account. You will be given a fully itemised breakdown of both your service and call charges, so you can see exactly what you are paying for.

Page 1 Bill summary - This gives you a good overview of your account. You can view at a glance your previous balance, any payments or credits that have been applied to your account since your last bill was produced, as well as the amount of all new charges and the total payable due (your account balance). You will also see your usage limit on your account on this page.

Credits: If you have been given a one off credit, it will be shown in this section of your bill. The amount will have a minus sign in front of it to show it is a credit.

Page 2 Plan and payment summary - This page will confirm your plan, allowances and payment details. You will also see advice on how to contact us if you need help or support.

Page 3 New Charges (including part month) and Customer update - You will pay for all of your TalkTalk services a month in advance. If you add a service part way through a billing month, your bill will include a part month charge (as well as the usual advance charges).

Any services that you've used since your last bill will show in the 'Charges Outside Price Plan' section (including call usage) as a total summary. This section will also include any additional fees that may apply to you. For example, if you have opted for paper billing or Boosts the extra cost will show here.

Promotional Offers: If you have signed up for an offer that gives you monthly discounts, this will appear on your bills as monthly credits.

Page 4 and more Itemised usage - All your usage will be itemised on the last page/s of your monthly bill. If you have recently transferred your mobile number it will be broken down into your old and current number.


There are a few reasons why you might query a charge on your bill. Here are some of them:

  • Non-inclusive calls or texts: Your inclusive allowance of minutes and texts are to UK standard rate fixed line numbers (beginning 01, 02 and 03), or to any UK mobile number. Calls or texts to other numbers (like premium rate, directory enquiries08 and 07 numbers or international numbers), will be charged separately and will be detailed on your bill.
  • Out of allowance calls, texts and data: This is for extra calls, texts and data used over your allowance. Once you've used this up you'll be charged at the standard rate.
  • Billing, payment charges and discounts: If you've chosen to get a paper bill by post, there's a charge of £1.90 per bill and if you cancel your direct debit you'll be charged £4.50 a month. We recommend you register for online billing in My Account and register for Direct Debit to save this monthly charge. If you're a TalkTalk Plus calls and Broadband customer with a TalkTalk Mobile SIM only package you'll notice a £5 discount on your bill detailed as 'PDP Discount'.

Please see Mobile Pricing for full details of TalkTalk Mobile charges.

If you still need to discuss your TalkTalk Mobile bill please Contact us


Direct Debit is the only way to pay your TalkTalk bill. Payment by another method will incur a non direct debit fee of £4.50 per month. Where a Direct Debit has been cancelled for whatever reason, we may accept a one-off payment to settle any outstanding balance on the account. Please see our guide on making payments for further information.

If you have yet to set-up a Direct Debit or would like to update your details, please Contact us. Please note, you must update your Direct Debit details at least 14 days before your billing date in order for your next payment to be taken from your account. Your new Direct Debit details must be in the same name as your current details. 

Please note: It's not currently possible to change the Direct Debit date for TalkTalk Mobile.

You can check your next payment date by looking at the first page of your monthly mobile bill. The date will depend on when you joined, as you will be allocated a billing date based on when you placed your order. You can also use My Account to check your bill online.


There is a usage limit set on each Mobile account for out of bundle and Roaming charges. Your monthly line rental and any boosts you may pay for are not part of this limit. The limit is there to protect our customers from running up excessively high monthly bills. You can see the usage limit on the front page of your monthly Mobile invoice.

You can track your Mobile bundle usage at any time in My Account or on your mobile device via the My TalkTalk App. 

Please note: The usage limit should not be used as a usage cap. There's a delay in usage information being added to your bill and you may incur charges by exceeding your usage limit. If this happens, you will be barred and still be liable to pay for all charges incurred in excess of your usage limit.


If you've taken advantage of our exclusive All-In SIM you'll see below how the offer is displayed on your TalkTalk Mobile Bill.  

All-In SIM plan details

Your Plan(s)

The All-In SIM offer is made up of the All-In plan and monthly Boosts* for unlimited data and unlimited minutes.

*All-in SIM plan offer: 3G SIM-only plan with additional monthly boosts for unlimited minutes and data (non-offer plan: 2000 minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB of data). 30 day min. term. The introductory offer is only available to new TalkTalk mobile customers who are TalkTalk residential fixed line customers.  

Unlimited Calls and Data Boosts are only available to customers operating within our Good Network Guidelines.

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