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About the TalkTalk Player

The TalkTalk Player is designed for our Essentials TV and Plus TV customers, and is home to lots of entertainment at the touch of a button. Choose from included channels, add great value Boosts, purchase TV shows to keep and enjoy the latest film releases to rent. Simply press the TalkTalk button on your remote to explore.

Please select a tab below for more information on using the TalkTalk Player. If you're experiencing problems in the TalkTalk Player you'll usually see an error code and steps to help you resolve the problem. For further help, please visit TalkTalk Player Error Codes.


The best way to access the TalkTalk Player is via the TalkTalk button on your remote. This will take you straight into the welcome screen, where you can simply press OK to view the home screen (which will look similar to the below) from which you can access all the channels, films and programmes available. Remember, you'll need to make sure your YouView Box is connected to broadband to be able to enjoy On Demand content.


My TalkTalk TV menu

On the home screen you'll find:

  • Rent & Own: Purchase extra films and TV shows

  • My TalkTalk TV: Your inclusive & subscribed Boosts plus other purchases.

  • Explore Boosts: Browse & add extra Boosts 


Watching TalkTalk TV

Watching TV on your YouView Box couldn't be simpler. You can pause, fast-forward, rewind and resume play with the relevant buttons on your TalkTalk remote. For more information, see our Remote User Guide. If you stop playing a film or programme before you've reached the end, don't worry. When you go back to the TalkTalk Player it will remember where you stopped watching, and you can simply resume play.

Fast forwardResume


Viewed, Library & Watchlist

The Viewed option allows you to resume programmes you've started watching so you don't miss a moment of your favourite shows. For a full channel list of everything available on TalkTalk TV, please visit our TV Channels Guide.

The Library is home to all your purchases including film rentals (available for 48 hours) and buy to own series & episodes ready to watch whenever you are.

Your Watchlist is a great feature that lets you keep track of programmes you want to watch at a later date. You can add any programme or film to a Watchlist that has a yellow ‘Add to Watchlist’ icon displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.To remove, just enter the Watchlist and select the programme or movie that you want to remove by pressing the yellow button on your remote control whenever you see the ‘Remove from Watchlist’ icon at the bottom right of your screen.

TalkTalk offer a great range of additional content you can purchase to customise your TalkTalk plan with your favourite channels, programmes and movies. From series and box sets available to buy, to movie rentals, Boosts and much more. For classification of content, we work with the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) and TV Studios to give accurate ratings.


Rent & Own

Buying films in the TalkTalk Player to rent or series & episodes to keep only takes a few steps, and unlocks a whole range of great value extra entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. Choose from Hollywood blockbusters, award-winning series, boxsets and much more all available at the touch of a button.


The Films option in the Rent & Own section, formerly TalkTalk Box Office, is home to more than 700 movies available to rent from the comfort of your living room, with many available on the same day as DVD release. Simply select your chosen film, enter your TalkTalk PIN and then watch as many times you like for up to 48 hours.


rental screenrental content


Buy to Own

The TV Shows section in the Rent & Own menu is where you'll find all our content available to buy. Simply select what you want to watch, and click on the Own button for your chosen episode or series. Enter your TalkTalk PIN to confirm your purchase, and once complete your chosen content will start to play. For more information on this feature, please visit Buy to Own.

My TalkTalk TV

The My TalkTalk TV menu shows you all the Boosts you are currently subscribed to in the My Boosts section, as well as any included in your TalkTalk Plan. You'll also find your purchased TV content in My Library, along with content highlights, your watchlist and programmes you have recently viewed.

My TalkTalk TV menu


Explore Boosts

The Explore Boosts section will show you all the Boosts that aren't part of your current subscriptions. Highlighting a Boost will display the price, included channels and any extras. You'll also find the latest offers ready to take advantage of, including when the offer ends so you don't miss out. Please note, the offers shown on the screen below are just examples so you'll need to visit Explore Boosts on your YouView Box to find out what's currently available.

To subscribe, highlight and select your chosen Boost with your TalkTalk remote to visit the purchase screen. You'll find further info, and the button to Add Now after which you'll be prompted for your TalkTalk PIN. Once you've subscribed to your Boost, you can find all your subscribed channels in the My Boosts menu ready to watch at any time. Find out more about TV Boosts.

Extra Channels

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