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We’ve been doing lots of work to get our services back up and running for customers. Now, My Account is up and running with the most popular features and it’s possible to buy or upgrade your services online.

About TV Boosts

TV Boosts are a great way of adding exciting extra channels to your existing TV service, which you can watch at any time while the Boost is active. Our Boosts give you unlimited access to premium content like Sky Sports, Sky Movies as well as countless entertainment channels like Sky 1 and Fox, documentary channels like National Geographic and Discovery and lots for the kids too, like Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel.



      Gold National Geographic Channel


Unlike with other content providers, our Boosts offer complete flexibility. There are no lengthy and pricey contracts tying you in, so you can decide whether or not you want to keep your Boosts on a month-by-month basis. All you’ll need is a minimum broadband speed of 5Mbps to receive TV Boosts, and you can add them at any time. Once you've subscribed to any Boosts we'll continue to charge you monthly, and after the first 30 days you're free to cancel or change them whenever you choose.

For a list of available Boosts, visit our TV Boosts Guide


Managing your TalkTalk TV Boosts couldn't be simpler. All Boosts have a one month commitment period, so you can add and remove them to your hearts' content.

Adding Boosts

The quickest way to add Boosts is directly on your YouView Box, but you can also add them in My Account if you wish. Follow the steps below to add your favourites.

On your YouView Box

  1. Press Guide on your TalkTalk remote, locate your programme and press OK

  2. Select your payment option, enter your TalkTalk PIN and your Boost will be ready to watch!

In My Account

  1. Visit My Account and log in

  2. On the My Services tab, click Manage TV Boosts

  3. Select your chosen Boosts and click the Apply Changes button

  4. Your channels will be available in the TalkTalk Player within 24 hours.


Removing Boosts

To remove or cancel a TV Boost, you'll need to head over to My Account and follow the steps below. Your Boost must have been active for more than one month (the minimum commitment period) to be able to cancel it without charge.

  • Select Manage TV Boosts from the My Services tab

  • Click on the Your Boosts tab to view those you are currently subscribed to

  • Untick the ones you wish to cancel and click the Apply Changes button

Your Boost will be removed within 24 hours. 


For information on how adding or removing Boosts will appear on your bill, please select the Boosts on your bill tab.

It's really simple to watch your TV Boost channels via YouView. Simply make sure you have signed up to your chosen Boosts, then visit the Guide with your TalkTalk remote and search, filter, browse or enter the dedicated channel number. You can also watch selected TV Boost channels via the TV2Go App to enjoy brilliant entertainment on the go.

If you try to visit a channel you're not currently subscribed to, you'll be prompted to either sign up to view this channel or return to the YouView Guide.

Finding channels & programmes


  1. Press the search button on your TalkTalk remote and enter your programme name

  2. Select your chosen programme from the suggestions and press OK.


  1. From the YouView Guide, select one of the filters e.g. Films, Subscribed etcFilters

  2. Choose from the content in this category e.g. your subscribed channels

Enter Channel Number

  1. Visit the TV Channels Guide to find your channel number

  2. Enter it with the number buttons on your TalkTalk remote.

Browse TV Guide

  1. Head to channel 302 and upwards in the Guide to find all TV Boost channels

  2. Look out for the 3 blue dots under the channel number. If these are grey your Box can't connect to the internet.

    Internet channels

If you can't find your TV Boost channels please check the following:

  • You've allowed 24 hours from adding your Boosts (if you added them in My Account).

  • Your broadband speed is 5Mbps or above  - this is the minimum requirement for Boosts

  • If you're watching your TV Boost channels for the first time, you may be asked to set up the channel by pressing the OK button. You'll only need to do this once, and then you'll have access to all the channels in your subscription.

If you're trying to watch a TV Boost channel but can only see 3 coloured dots across the middle of the screen please follow the below steps.

  1. Wait, it may be just a delay in the content loading.

  2. Exit and re-enter the player.

  3. Turn your router, Powerline adapters (if you have them) and YouView TV box off. Wait 30 seconds and turn your router and powerline adapters back on, wait a further 30 seconds then turn your YouView Box back on.

  4. Make sure your router is up to date using our router update tool.

  5. Check your internet connection is working (try opening a web page on a laptop, PC or tablet). All Boost channels will also show 3 grey dots in the Guide (rather than blue) if the YouView Box can't connect to the internet. Visit the Service Centre to diagnose & fix any connection problems.


Any Boosts, purchases and rentals you add will be charged directly to your TalkTalk Bill each month. If you remove Boosts, this will usually take effect within 24 hours and the changes will be reflected within the next couple of bills. For more information on billing, visit Your Bill Explained.

Boosts added to your bill

Head over to My Account, log in and follow the steps below:

To view your current bill usage:

  • Click the button to View Latest Bill

  • In the TV Extras section, click the link to View itemised TV usage.

  • You'll see a section for Itemised TV rentals and purchases where you can view the content you've bought.

To view usage since your last bill:

  • On the My Account home screen click on the TV tab

  • Scroll down to Your TV Boosts, and click to view your current Boosts. 

  • These items will be charged to your next bill


Boosts removed from your bill

Depending on when you cancel your TV Boost, your bill will be amended slightly differently. We recommend that you wait until the end of your commitment period to cancel your TV Boost, so that you avoid extra charges and paying for channels you don't have access to.

Time of cancellation:

1st 30 days

After 30 days

During a promotion

Your bill will show two charges:

Part-month charge for the time you've had the Boost. Look for the Part Month symbol on your bill

Commitment breakage fee for the time between cancellation & end of 30 day commitment period

Your cancellation will take effect within 24 hours.

Depending on when your next bill is due, you may be charged for the full month. Rest assured you'll see a part-month credit on your next bill to cancel out the charges.

Your commitment period may vary depending on the promotion. You'll have two charges:

Part-month charge for the time you've had the Boost. Look for the Part Month symbol on your bill

Commitment breakage fee for the time between cancellation & end of promotional commitment period


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