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What is the TalkTalk Player?

The TalkTalk Player is exclusively for our broadband customers with YouView and gives you access to some of the best TV and latest blockbuster films from both sides of the Atlantic.

TalkTalk Player

In the TalkTalk Player you’ll find the TalkTalk Box Office, where you can rent the latest film releases on the day they are released on DVD. Perfect if you’re in the mood for a film on a Friday night.

It’s also where you can purchase and enjoy all TalkTalk’s TV Boosts. With our TV Boosts, you can add exciting new channels to your existing TV service, which you can watch at any time while the Boost is active.

TalkTalk Box Office

Our Boosts give you unlimited access to premium content like Sky Sports, Sky Movies as well as countless entertainment channels like Sky 1 and Fox, documentaries like National Geographic and Discovery and lots for the kids too, like Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel.

Sky Sports Sky movies       

      Gold National Geographic Channel

Find out more about TalkTalk Box Office.

Find out more about TV Boosts.

Once you’ve purchased your rentals or Boosts, you’ll be able to view it all here too. You can explore all the TalkTalk Player content easily using the TalkTalk Player guide, making it easy to find, watch and enjoy all your Boosts and rentals.

Remember, all TalkTalk Player content is delivered to your YouView Box by broadband, so you’ll need to ensure your box is connected to your router to enjoy all it has to offer.

Find out more about how to use the TalkTalk Player.

Why not give the TalkTalk Player a visit today and see just what is available? You can browse a wealth of content, view promos and watch trailers for free. You will not be charged anything by TalkTalk without being clearly advised of any charges beforehand and then by confirming any purchases by inputting your TalkTalk PIN correctly.

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