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All about your YouView PIN

This article explains all you need to know about your YouView PIN, including what you need to use it for and how to change it.

You have two PINs for your TalkTalk TV service, each that you need to enter to do different things. This article explains your YouView PIN. For more information on your TalkTalk PIN, visit our guide.

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What is my YouView PIN and what do I need it for?

Your YouView PIN lets you manage your Parental Controls across the whole of your TalkTalk TV service. This includes all Live TV and On Demand players. You’ll need to enter your PIN to watch programmes that do not follow the watershed, like Sky Movies, keeping younger viewers protected.

How do I find my YouView PIN?

By default your YouView PIN number will be 1 2 3 4. If you opted for an engineer install then they will have changed it for you to match your TalkTalk PIN - this is usually the last four digits of your home phone number.

If you opted for Speedy Install then you will have to change your PIN yourself. If you haven’t changed it already, it should still be 1 2 3 4.

How do I change my YouView PIN?

To change your YouView PIN on your YouView Box:

Step 1 of 10

Press the YouView  button


Step 2 of 10

Select Settings


Step 3 of 10

Select Parental Controls


Step 4 of 10

Select Change PIN


Step 5 of 10

Enter your current PIN (unless you have changed it already this will be 1 2 3 4)


Step 6 of 10

Enter your new PIN twice to confirm it and press


Step 7 of 10

If you’re changing your PIN for the first time, you’ll be asked to select a Security Question which you’ll need to answer the next time you want to change your PIN. Select from the following questions:

  • Your mother’s maiden name
  • Your father’s middle name
  • The name of your first pet
  • A memorable place
  • The name of your first school
  • A memorable holiday
  • The town you were born in

Step 8 of 10

Select OK on the screen


Step 9 of 10

Enter the answer to your Security Question using the number buttons on your remote


Step 10 of 10

Select OK to confirm your settings


You’ll now be shown a confirmation screen to confirm the PIN has been changed. Make sure you make a note of your new PIN and security answer and put it somewhere safe so you don’t forget.

The next time you change your PIN you’ll be asked to enter your security answer before you can confirm any changes.

Remember, once you’ve set you security question and answer you can change it at any time. Find out more.

I’ve lost my YouView PIN

If you have changed your YouView PIN, but cannot remember what you changed it to and have also forgotten the answer to your security question, then unfortunately you will need to reset your YouView Box back to its factory settings.

Find out more.


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