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Change the owner of my account

To change the ownership of your TalkTalk account to someone else please download and complete a Change of Ownership form and return it to us.


How do I complete a change of ownership?

Both the current account holder and the proposed new account holder will need to enter information on the form.

All sections of the form must be completed for the change of ownership request to be processed successfully.

The new account holder will also need to complete a Direct Debit mandate with their bank details. This mandate is included with the form.

Please send the completed form to the following address:

The TalkTalk Group
PO BOX 360
SO30 2LY

The ownership of your account will change within 14 days from when we receive the completed form.


When can the ownership be changed?

If there is money owed on your account it needs to be cleared before the ownership of the account can be changed.  There are various payment methods you can use to clear an outstanding balance.

Note: You don't need to arrange a change of ownership if you are changing/updating your own name. We have made it easy if you need to change your name, but there is a different process to follow.

Remember, the new owner will also take responsibility for any products or services associated with the account. If there are any apps linked to the existing account, we'll automatically de-register these when the change of ownership is processed. The new account owner can re-register these on the new account if they wish. 


Can I add an additional/named account holder onto my account?

We do not offer joint accounts or the option for additional account holders, but if you wish to authorise another person, such as your partner or relative, to be able to make selected changes and payments to your account we suggest setting up a secure password. To arrange this, please contact us.



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