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Changing your Mobile plan

Here is a list of the most common questions about changing your mobile plan.

Make sure you know which size of sim you'll need for your phone. If you need to change your sim to a different size please contact us


Can I change my price plan if I find my current plan no longer suits my needs?

Yes, if you want to upgrade to a plan with more inclusive minutes, texts and data go to My Account where you’ll be able to change your plan in the Manage your Mobile section. Whilst you’re there you’ll also be able to add a mobile Boost to tailor your plan even more. If you want to consider downgrading your plan please Contact us.

We'll be happy to discuss how you use your phone and will be able to move you to an alternative plan if it would suit you better. You’re allowed to move up or down the plans at any time to suit your needs. Please note, if you’re currently receiving a promotional offer this may not be carried forward when changing plan.



If I request a plan change when will it take effect from?

Your plan change will take effect from your next billing date.



How often can I change plans?

You can change plan every single month if you want but remember it will always queue until your next bill date.



If I’m on a SIM Only contract can I change to a handset contract?

We consider this an upgrade, so yes you can take upgrade to a handset contract before your sim-only contract has expired without incurring early termination charges. A new contract term will then begin.



Can I change my handset when I change my plan if I’m still in contract?

No, your handset cannot be changed within an existing contract term.



If I change plan what will my bill look like?

Your new tariff will be presented on all future bills. And because your tariff only changes at the point of a new billing period there is a clean cross-over between tariffs.



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