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Connecting my BlackBerry OS7

By following our step-by-step guide, you’ll have your BlackBerry OS7 device connected to your wireless network in no time. 

Please note, the BlackBerry pictured below is for display purpose only and may not represent your device. Please follow the steps and use the screenshots to help you quickly set up Wi-Fi. 


Step 1 of 7

From the home screen, select Manage Connections

Manage Connections

Step 2 of 7

From the Manage Connections menu make sure Wi-Fi is On



Step 3 of 7

From the Options and Status menu select Wi-Fi Network

Select Wi-Fi

Step 4 of 7

Select your network from the list



Select network


Step 5 of 7

Enter your Wireless Network Password using the keyboard

Remember: you can find your Wireless Network Name and Wireless Network Password on a sticker at the back of your router.


Enter password



Step 6 of 7

Select Connect


Tap Connect



Step 7 of 7

The device will attempt to connect to your network. Once connected, your network name will be shown on the Select a Wi-Fi Network to connect list with a tick to the left.

You should now be connected to your wireless network. Try opening your web browser and surfing the web.

If you’re still having trouble connecting to your wireless network, head over to the BlackBerry support site for more detailed help and troubleshooting.


Check connection










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