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Do I need a TV aerial to get TalkTalk TV?

Yes, all Freeview channels & information in the TV guide is delivered through your TV aerial. If you currently receive a good TV signal with stable picture and sound, you’ll be able to receive Freeview using your existing TV aerial.

TalkTalk Internet Channels are delivered through your broadband router and don't require a TV aerial.

Here are some common questions about aerials:


Can I get YouView if I’m in a block of flats with a communal aerial?

If you live in a block that shares a communal aerial, whether you can get YouView depends on the strength of the signal that aerial receives. A good indicator is the quality of your current Freeview signal.

How good is your current picture? If you currently have good sound and picture quality on your TV when you are watching Freeview channels, it’s likely you can get YouView. If you experience picture or sound break-up, your communal aerial might need to be checked by your landlord or housing association.


I don’t have an aerial or my aerial doesn’t work

If you don't have a TV aerial or it isn't working, you will not be able to access Freeview channels or on demand players such as All 4, ITV Hub, S4C and STV.

If you need a new aerial or repair work to your existing aerial or cable, you will need a professional aerial engineer. We recommend you check that they are registered and qualified with the Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI) trade association or the Registered Digital Installers licensing body.


Would you recommend using an aerial signal booster?

Signal boosters connect your aerial to your YouView box and aim to strengthen the signal you receive. A signal booster will be most effective if you live in an area without lots of obstructions like tall trees or buildings.

Before you buy a signal booster, the digitaluk and BBC websites have useful information and tips that could help you improve your aerial signal. Remember, connecting your aerial to several TVs can weaken your signal.


Can I use an indoor or mobile aerial?

You can, but we recommend a rooftop aerial if at all possible. Indoor aerials often mean a weaker signal, and you may not get the full range of channels. Loft aerials are not ideal either, and may be affected by other electrical devices in your home.

If you live near a transmitter and get a strong signal, you might be okay with a portable set-top aerial. The independent consumer organisation Ricability has a good review of set-top aerials on their website.

However, if you currently receive a good digital reception with a portable or loft aerial, you should have no problem switching to YouView.

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