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Do you offer multi-room?

At present we do not sell or support the use of more than one YouView Box per household. 

If you do have more than one YouView box, due to new licensing from some of our channel partners, we have to make some changes to the way you use your second TV box. 


What does this mean for me?

The YouView box you use the most will automatically be set as your primary box. You will still be able to watch everything you can right now on this box, including all Freeview channels, subscription channels and on demand movies.
Your other YouView box will become your secondary box. You will be able to watch all Freeview channels and catch-up player content on this box, but you will not be able to rent movies from the TalkTalk Box Office or watch any of the extra channels you subscribe to.

Box 70+ Freeview channels 7 day Catch-up TV Pause & rewind TV TalkTalk Box Office Extra channels
Primary available available available available available
Secondary available available available - -


Do I need to do anything?

No, the change will happen automatically on 1st September.



How do I change my primary box?

If you want to change your primary box, please contact us within 30 days of the automatic update.



I'm having problems with my TV service, what should I do?

Please note if you have low broadband speeds your viewing experience may be impacted if you are watching a movie or extra channel you subscribe to on your primary box and watching catch-up player content on your second box.

If you are experiencing problems with your TV service, please see our TV help section.




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