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Error message when inserting TalkTalk SIM card

If you see an error message when inserting your TalkTalk mobile SIM card, please follow the steps below to help resolve the problem.


Error Message: No SIM card & Emergency Calls only

  • If you see this message, please check that your SIM card is inserted correctly. Most phones have a separate slot for a memory card that can sometimes be confused with the SIM card slot. Please check the user guide that came with your phone if you are unsure. If you have lost your user guide, please see Mobile user guides or our Manufacturers page for support.
  • Have you cut the SIM card? We do not recommend cutting SIM cards to fit the different styles of phones as this can damage the SIM. 
  • Try turning your phone off, remove the SIM and clean the gold contacts with a soft cloth, insert the SIM and then turn it back on.
  • Back up any personal information (phone book, photos & videos etc.) and perform a factory reset on your phone. This will be explained in your phones userguide. 


Is your phone locked to a different network?

All TalkTalk mobile handsets are compatible with our service. If you are a SIM only customer and you receive this error, the handset you are trying to use with your TalkTalk mobile SIM card may be locked to another network. For details on how to unlock your handset please see Can I use my existing handset with a TalkTalk SIM card.


If after following these steps you are still receiving the error message, please Contact us and we will be happy to help.

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