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A guide to your TalkTalk remote

Welcome to our TalkTalk TV remote control guide. Here you can find out how each button can be used to enjoy your TV service. If your remote doesn't look like the one below, please visit our Guide to the New Remote for details on your model.


Power button

Use this button to turn on your YouView Box and to put it into standby mode. Remember, you’ll need to first switch your YouView Box on at the mains and using the power button at the back of the box before this button works.

Source button

Use this button to select the source for what’s displayed on the screen. This can include things like:

  • Your TV
  • Games Consoles
  • DVD players
  • Laptops/Computers
  • Digital Cameras

Number Keys

Use these keys to input any numbers or letters into your YouView Box. You can use these to find the channel you want and to enter your YouView or TalkTalk PIN.

You can also use them to enter text, just like you do on a mobile phone. This is useful for when you’re inputting your Postcode or Security Answer when you change your YouView PIN.

TalkTalk button

Use this button as the quickest way of viewing the TalkTalk Player. This is where you can rent films, buy Boosts and watch your paid-for content like Sky Sports and Sky Movies.

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Guide button

Use this button to view your YouView Guide. This is the easiest way to browse all your Freeview channels and see the upcoming TV schedule.

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Information button

Use this button to see a summary of a programme. This will include information like a brief synopsis of the programme, any age ratings or guidance warnings and whether the programme supports accessibility features like subtitles or audio description.

You can press the information button either when you are watching a programme or when you have highlighted a programme in the YouView guide.

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Colour buttons

Sometimes when watching a programme you’ll see an alert letting you know you can find out more information or view extra content by pressing the red button.

The yellow button can be used in the YouView guide to hide channels, or to lock recordings to prevent them from being deleted.

Keep an eye out for alerts on your screen on how you can use your colour buttons.

Volume up/down

Use this to increase or decrease the volume on your TV.

Remember, you’ll need to configure your TalkTalk remote for use with your TV before this will work.

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Channel up/down

Use these to change channels while you’re watching them.

Back button

Use this button to exit any menus or guides without changing or confirming any of your settings.


This is the quickest way to completely turn off the sound on your TV. To restore the volume to its previous level, simply press it again.

Remember, you’ll need to configure your TalkTalk remote for use with your TV before this will work.

Record button

Use this button to record live TV (only available for TalkTalk Plus TV customer with a YouView+ Box). You can start a recording immediately by simply pressing the record button while watching a programme, or schedule a future recording by pressing it on a highlighted programme in the YouView guide.

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Use this button to search for your favourite programmes On Demand. You can enter the name of the programme you’re looking at using the number buttons on your TalkTalk remote.

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You can use these controls to control On Demand and recorded content (YouView+ boxes only), and even live TV. It works just like a DVD player’s controls, letting you play, pause and rewind your programmes.

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Use this button if you’re having trouble reading text on the screen then your YouView Box’s zoom function might be able to help. This will zoom in on and enlarge whatever is on the screen, allowing you to have a larger view of any text.

Please be aware, you will not be able to select anything onscreen while you are zoomed in. If you’d like to select something on the screen, please exit by pressing Zoom again.

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