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HomeSafe - How do I block or allow specific websites?

As part of the Kids Safe feature of HomeSafe Add you have a range of ways to filter, block and allow different types of websites to be viewed in your home. You can control this feature in My Account, by selecting HomeSafe from the Extras & offers menu.


HomeSafe Whitelist


Kids Safe Categories

There are 9 categories shown on the right that you can choose to block or allow as part of Kids Safe.

By selecting categories in the list, you'll be blocking websites that fall into that specific category for example if you activate the Gambling filter, websites such as and will be blocked.

Once you've chosen your website categories, click the blue Save Changes button to confirm them.

Website Categories


Block and allow specific websites

Please take care to enter the exact web address you want to block or allow, including the ‘www.’ if it begins with this. If the address is entered incorrectly, this feature won't work.

Allowing specific websites:

You can make sure your favourite websites are never blocked by adding them to your list. For instance, you could activate the Gambling filter, but still access the National Lottery website. Simply add this website address to your list, and click the allow button which will be highlighted in green as shown on the right.

Blocking specific websites:

If there are specific websites which are currently accessible but you want to be blocked, for example, simply add them to your list and ensure you select the block button next to each one. This will be highlighted in red, as shown on the right.

Confirm any changes you make by clicking the blue save changes button and your new settings will take effect within 2 minutes.



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