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How do I add or remove TV Boosts?

TalkTalk’s TV Boosts offer a flexible way to enjoy the latest movies, the best sporting events and the most exciting programming without having to enter into expensive and lengthy contracts.

Here you can find out how to buy and cancel Boosts using both your YouView remote and from My Account. Please keep in mind that adding a Boost using your remote gives you instant access to the channels you’ve purchased, while if you add a Boost from My Account it can take up to 24 hours before the channels are available.

All boost prices are incremental additions on what is already subscribed to and are sold as a ‘per month’ charge and not as a ‘one-off’ purchase. You will be billed each month until you cancel the Boosts. 

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How do I add a TV Boost on the YouView Box?

  1. Press the Guide YouView button on the TalkTalk remote

  2. Find and select the programme you would like to watch and press

  3. Select your Payment option and press 

  4. Enter your TalkTalk PIN

Remember: you can find your TalkTalk PIN in your Welcome Pack.

Your Boost package will now be ready to watch.

Find out how your TV Boosts appear on your account.


How do I add a TV Boost in My Account?

To add a Boost online from My Account:

  1. Log in to My Account

  2. Select Manage TV Boosts from the My Services drop down menu at the top of the page

  3. On the Manage TV Boosts screen, scroll down to the list of Boosts and tick each one you’d like to add

  4. Click Apply Changes to complete your order

Your new channels will now appear in your TalkTalk Player within 24 hours.

How do I cancel a TV Boost?

If you no longer want a TV Boost you can remove it from your package in My Account*.

Please remember, even if you cancel you’ll still pay the full monthly fee for your Boost, so we recommend that you only cancel your Boosts at the end of the month.

To remove a Boost:

  1. Log in to My Account

  2. Select Manage TV Boosts from the My Services drop down menu at the top of the page

  3. On the Manage TV Boosts screen, click on the Your Boosts tab and then un-tick each one in the list that you’d like to remove

  4. Click the Apply Changes button.

*You can cancel a Boost once it’s been active for more than one month and it can take up to 24 hours before it’s removed.

Will I be charged if I cancel a TV Boost?

If you cancel your TV Boost within the minimum commitment period of 1 month you will see a part month charge for that period and a commitment breakage fee charge for from when you cancelled the Boost until the end of that 1 month commitment period. For this reason we recommend that you wait until the end of your commitment period to cancel your TV Boost, that way you avoid extra charges and paying for channels you don't have access to.

If you cancel your TV Boost in a different billing period you will see the same part month charge and a full month charge on your first bill after activating the Boost and a part month refund and any commitment breakage fee on the next bill after cancelling the Boost.


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