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How do I hide/restore channels in the YouView guide

By hiding a channel on your YouView Box you can ensure it no longer appears in your YouView guide. Once hidden, the channels cannot be restored without first entering your YouView PIN. It’s perfect if you want to hide specific channels from younger viewers.


Hiding channels

To hide channels from your YouView guide:

  1. Press the Guide button on your TalkTalk remote
  2. Press the Yellow button to Edit Channels
  3. Navigate to the channel you would like to hide using the up and down arrow keys
  4. Press OK on your TalkTalk remote and a cross will appear beside it to show the channel has been selected to be hidden
  5. If you would like to hide more channels, repeat steps 4 and 5 for each one. When you’re done, press the Yellow button to save your changes.


Restoring channels

Restoring channels is just as easy as hiding them – just remember you’ll need to enter your YouView PIN. To restore all your hidden channels to the YouView Guide:

  1. Press the YouView YouView button button on your TalkTalk remote
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select TV Signal & Quality
  4. Select Restore Hidden Channels
  5. Select Start restoring by pressing OK on your TalkTalk remote
  6. Enter your YouView PIN
  7. Your YouView Box will now start restoring your hidden channels. When it’s complete, select Finish by pressing OK on your TalkTalk remote

You should now find all the previously hidden channels in the YouView Guide.

Unfortunately there is no way of restoring individual channels. If you only want to restore a selection of channels, you will need to re-hide the channels you still want hidden from your guide.

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