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How do I listen to voicemail - Home Phone

TalkTalk’s home phone Voicemail service takes recorded voice messages for you when you can’t get to the phone or are busy on another call. It’ll store them in your mailbox so you can listen to them when you’re ready.

You’ll receive Voicemail messages if you have either Voicemail or Voicemail Plus activated.

Find out how to activate your Voicemail.

How do I know if I have a message?

You’ll know when you have a message from a special dial tone when you pick up the phone. If you hear a broken or stuttered dial tone, that means you have a message waiting for you.

How do I listen to my messages from my home phone?

To retrieve your TalkTalk Voicemail messages, you’ll need a touch tone phone. You can do simply by dialling 1571 whenever you hear a stuttered dial tone.

When you’ve listened to your message, you’ll hear the following options:

  • Delete your message – dial 3
  • Save your message – dial 2
  • Listen to your saved messages – dial 1 (messages will be saved for 30 days)

How do I listen to my messages remotely from another phone?

To listen to messages remotely, you’ll need to have Voicemail Plus activated. It costs a little each month, but that’s because of all the added extras you get.

Find out more about Voicemail Plus and how to activate it.

Changing your Voicemail PIN

Before you can listen to your messages remotely, you’ll need to change your Voicemail PIN. You can do this from your own home phone.

To change your PIN, simply dial 1571 and then dial 2 to change your personal options. Now simply follow the instructions you hear on the phone to change your PIN – remember to choose something memorable, make a note of it and put it somewhere safe.

How do I retrieve my Voicemail messages remotely?

To listen to your messages remotely:

1.       Call your home phone number

2.       Let the call ring through until you hear your Voicemail message

3.       Press Star and enter your PIN

This will bring you to the main menu. Simply follow the instructions on the phone to listen to your messages.

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