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How do I record programmes on my YouView+ Box?

Please note, recording TV Boost channels is only available with the latest software update. You can find out more information in Software update Huawei YouView Box.

One of the great features of your YouView+ Box is the ability to record live TV. TalkTalk have two TV packages with different set top boxes. Recording is only possible on the YouView+ box, which is provided free of charge with TalkTalk Plus TV plan.

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Which channels can I record?

Customers with a YouView+ Box can record over 185 hours of Standard Definition or 60 hours of High Definition TV programmes and films from the YouView guide. These will then be stored on the YouView+ Box ready to be watched at any time. You can schedule any upcoming programme in the YouView guide for recording.

It's also not possible to record directly from an On Demand player or from the backwards Guide. All available On Demand programmes are ready to watch whenever you are, and there is no limit to the amount of times you can watch a programme when it's online. They’ll usually be kept for around a week, giving you time to catch up.


How do I record a single programme?

To schedule a recording using the YouView Guide, follow these steps:

Step 1 of 3

Press the Guide Guide on your TalkTalk remote


Step 2 of 3

Use the arrow buttons to find the film or programme you want to record and press Record


Step 3 of 3

If prompted, select Record only this episode

Record episode

Your programme will now be scheduled to record and you’ll see a record icon record icon displayed next to it.


To record a programme you’re watching, simply press Record while watching the programme.

This will store the programme from either:

  • The beginning of the programme
  • The point you switched over (if you switched over after the programme has started)

How do I record a series?

Series record lets customers with a YouView+ box record an entire series of their favourite TV shows easily, using their TalkTalk remote. This will schedule every show in the series to record, meaning there's no danger of missing anything.

To schedule a series record:

Step 1 of 4

Press the YouView YouView button on your TalkTalk remote.


Step 2 of 4

Select Guide


Step 3 of 4

Select an episode from a series that you’d like to record and press Record


Step 4 of 4

Select Record whole series

Your series will now be scheduled to record and you’ll see a record icon record series displayed next to it.


How many programmes can I record at once?

Your YouView+ Box can record up to two programmes at once, one of which can be an TV Boost channel. If you try to record too many programmes at the same time in the YouView guide, it will create a clash.

Watching Freeview Channel Freeview Channel TV Boost
Freeview Channel Yes Yes (if channel being watched) No
Yes No Yes
TV Boost Yes Yes No
On Demand Yes Yes No
Yes No Yes (Quality may suffer depending on broadband speed) 
Recorded content Yes Yes No
Yes No Yes


Your YouView+ Box will let you know if there is a clash and suggest how you can resolve it by:

  • Recording the programme at a different time: your YouView+ Box will prompt you if the programme is repeated in the next 7 days and present you with an alternative time to record it. You will then need to navigate to the date and time suggested and record the programme.
  • Record the programme but cancel another recording: your YouView+ Box will show what other programmes are set to record and you can select one of these to cancel to resolve the clash.
  • Do nothing: simply press "Back" on the TalkTalk remote but the programme will not record due to the clash.

Can I watch a different channel from the one I’m recording?

Your YouView Box has 2 tuners, which means you can watch one live Freeview broadcast programme while recording another.

If you are recording 2 live Freeview broadcast programmes at once, you won't be able to watch a third Freeview channel. However, you can still watch any TV Boost channel or on demand programme or film. You can also watch something else you have previously recorded in MyView or either of the two channels that are recording.

If you are recording a TV Boost channel, you will not be able to watch another TV Boost channel. You will however be able to watch a Freeview channel or something you have previously recorded in MyView.


Will my YouView+ Box still record in standby mode?

Your YouView+ Box will continue to record any planned recordings when it is in standby mode, as well as downloading any software updates.

You can send your box in and out of standby mode by pressing the Power Power button on your remote or pressing the Power Power button button on the front of your box.

If you turn off your YouView+ Box at the mains or using the power button or switch at the back, then your box will not record any scheduled programmes.


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