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How do I run a speed test?

A faster broadband speed will let you do more online. Your broadband speed is the rate that information is sent (upload speed) and received (download speed) through the Internet.

That’s why a faster broadband speed will let you do things like stream videos smoothly. It’ll let you receive the video data faster, which means you’re less likely to find your computer lagging behind and you won’t be subjected to the infamous buffering (when your video freezes).

Testing your broadband speed

Using TalkTalk’s Speed Checker Tool, you can find out what broadband speeds you are receiving. It works by simply downloading a small file from the internet and calculating how long it takes. This is a legitimate TalkTalk speed test, you'll be asked  to enter your telephone number at the end of the test so that our engineers can diagnose any issues when you have a fault.

The result is measured in megabits per second, which basically shows how many megabits your router can transfer in a second - so the higher the better.

You’ll also be asked to enter your phone number and postcode to allow our engineers to best help you if you need to report a fault.

For more help with speed tests, select a topic:

Testing with a wired connection


For the most accurate reading of broadband speeds on a specific device, make sure you plug your computer into the router using an Ethernet cable before running the speed test.

Ethernet cableLaptop connected via Ethernet cable

Testing your wireless speed


If you would like to test the speed of your Wi-Fi (wireless network) perform the speed test while connected wirelessly. This will likely show a slower speed than the wired connection as it’s a slightly less efficient means of transferring data – though it is much more convenient.

If you do, you should be no more than five meters away from your router. You should also have a clear line of sight on your router with no obstacles (like furniture or electricals) in the way.

Finding an average speed


Finding an average can give you a much better understanding of your speeds than just running the one speed test. We recommend running three tests.

When possible try and run tests on different days, and at different times of the day.


Testing the speed on different devices


You can run speed test on almost any device you can connect to the Internet on, so long as it has the ability to browse the Internet. You can test different devices to see if there’s any difference in speed.

There are several websites offering similar speed test services. However, we recommend using the TalkTalk Speed Tester. It's likely to give you more accurate results as the test is situated on our own network and so won't have to cross.

We also recommend you avoid downloading files from untrusted sources.

Once you’ve completed your Speed Test, our engineers can help you improve your speed, being able to provide you with focussed support and troubleshooting.

Multiple devices

Learn about the different factors that affect broadband speed.

Head over to the Broadband Speed Checker to check your broadband speed.


If after following these steps, you find that the speed is still slow, or you can not run a speed test, please check your service in the Service Centre

Visit Service Centre

Alternatively, you can always book a BrightSparks engineer visit where one of our friendly and highly qualified engineers will do all the hard work for you for just £65.


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