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We’ve been doing lots of work to get our services back up and running for customers. Now, My Account is up and running with the most popular features and it’s possible to buy or upgrade your services online.

How do I sign up to the Super Safe Boost?


Great news, new version coming soon…

Staying protected with our Super Safe Boost couldn’t be easier. The new software will be ideal for Windows PCs, Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad, Windows Phone and Android users. The good news is we'll be providing additional coverage for your on-the-go devices including mobiles and tablets.

As part of the new version we’ll be launching my Super Safe account, which allows you to manage the protection of your devices all in one place, bringing you ease and simplicity. This is a great way to keep track of how many licenses you have. Features include banking protection, anti-theft functionality, Firewall and much more. You can feel confident that you’re fully protected and can browse the internet with peace of mind.

The Super Safe Boost Add protects your computer against viruses, malware and other threats. To sign up for the Super Safe Boost Add and download the software, follow the steps below:

Sign up & download the Super Safe Boost

  1. Login to My Account.
  2. Move your mouse pointer over Packages and Boosts.
  3. Select Super Safe Boost Add from the menu.
  4. Click Buy Now, or if you already have the service, Download.
  5. On the following page, click Download.
  6. Click Save and select your desktop as the location to save the file to.

    No option to Save? your browser will have automatically saved the file to its default location. If you are not sure where the browser saves your files then look in the browser settings.
    Download button not working? look at our support for problems with My Account links and buttons.
  7. Now you've downloaded it, you're ready to install the Super Safe Boost Add Please see How do I install TalkTalk Security? for help.


Remove the Super Safe Boost

If you no longer want the Super Safe Boost Add you can remove it from your account. Follow steps 1-3 above and then:

  1. Click the blue Remove button.
  2. You'll be asked to confirm this change. Click Confirm.
  3. A confirmation message will show that your Super Safe Boost Add has been deactivated. Click OK.
  4. Uninstall the Super Safe Boost from your computer.


Reset the licence key

If you want to reset your licence key (e.g. if you've forgotten it) simply follow steps 1-3 above and then:

  1. Click Reset licence.
  2. A new licence key will be generated. Make a note of this, then click OK.

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Internet matters

Keeping your children safe online matters!
43% of children aged 12-15 own their own tablet. That's why we support Internet for all the advice and resource you need to protect your children online.



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