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We’ve been doing lots of work to get our services back up and running for customers. Now, My Account is up and running with the most popular features and it’s possible to buy or upgrade your services online.

How do I use Call Waiting?

Call Waiting lets you know when others are trying to reach you while you’re on a call. When that happens, you’ll hear a discreet alert letting you know someone else is trying to get through. You have the choice to swap the call or to simply call them back when you’re done.

How much does this feature cost?

If you are a Plus TV customer, then the Calling Features boost (which includes Call Waiting) is free. If you’re not a Plus TV customer, then it’s just  £4.10 per month.

How do I activate Call Waiting?

Call Waiting is part of TalkTalk’s Calling Features boost and can be activated from My Account. To do this:

1.       Log in to My Account

2.       Click Phone & broadband in the menu on the left

3.       Select Manage services

4.       Tick Calling Features Boost in the Calling features section

5.       Click Update

How do I use Call Waiting?

Once activated from My Account, you can switch on Call Waiting using your touch tone phone.

To switch on, simply dial  *  4  3  #

If you’d like to switch between calls, just press R or Redial button

To check if Call Waiting is active dial  *  #  4  3  #

To end your call, simply hang up


How do I switch off Call Waiting?

To switch off Call Waiting dial  #  4  3  #  at any time.



How do I deactivate the Call Features Boost?

Follow the steps you used to activate this feature in My Account, only this time remove the tick next to Calling Features Boost and click Update to confirm.


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