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How to install your YouView Box

With our handy guide, you’ll be enjoying your new YouView services in no time. Simply follow our easy, step-by-step instructions below. Alternatively you can watch one of our videos:


Add   How to set up your YouView Box (My Router is more than 3 mtrs away from my Box)


Part 1 of 7    How to install your YouView Box?

Before you start plugging anything in, do a quick check to make sure you have all the necessary equipment. You will need:

part 1

If any of this equipment is missing, please contact us free from your TalkTalk home phone and we’ll have it sent out to you as soon as possible.

Black Powerline adapter

TalkTalk Powerline Connectors Did you order your YouView Box with Powerline Adapters? These let you connect your router to your YouView box from further away using the power lines around your home.

If you did, you should refer to these setup instructions instead. If not, continue on.

If you’ve got everything you need then you’re ready to get started.


Part 2 of 7    Connect your router to the YouView box

Step 1

Connect one end of your Ethernet cable into one of the yellow sockets on the router where it says LAN.

Step 2

Connect the other end into the socket on your YouView Box where it says ETHERNET (make sure your router is already plugged in and turned on).

        Too far away? If you can’t reach your YouView Box from your router with your Ethernet cable you might need some Powerline Adapters. Find out more about Powerline Adapters.

Part 2


Part 3 of 7    Connect your YouView box

part 3

Connect one end of your HDMI into your TV as shown below.

Part 4 Connect the other end into the socket labelled HDMI on your YouView Box.

Please note: Although we strongly recommend you use the HDMI cable, you can use the SCART lead if you don’t have a HDTV (High Definition). To connect your SCART lead, plug one end into your TV and the other into your YouView Box where it says TV SCART.

Part 3

Part 4 of 7    Connect your Aerial to your YouView box

Part 5Unplug your aerial from your TV and connect it to the ANTENNA IN socket on your YouView Box. Alternatively, you can use the white aerial cable that came with your YouView Box.

If you are using an indoor aerial, simply plug this into the ANTENNA IN socket and skip step 6.

Part 6If it isn’t connected already, connect the other end of the aerial cable into the aerial socket on the wall.


Part 4


Part 5 of 7    Connect the power

Step 7Connect one end of the black power supply cable into your YouView Box as shown below.

Step 8Connect the other end into a power socket near your YouView box.

Part 5


Part 6 of 7    Switch on the power

Step 9Switch the YouView Box on at the back then press the power button at the front (and switch on your TV).

Step 10

When the middle light on your YouView Box comes on that means you’re ready to start using YouView.

Part 6


Part 7 of 7    Setup complete

Now you’re connected you’re ready to set up your TalkTalk remote to control your TV. For more information on using your YouView Box, see our YouView User Guides.

For a more detailed installation guide including how to install Powerline Adapters, please download our YouView Box Self-Install Guide.

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