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I can't send or receive emails

If you're having problems sending or receiving emails, we're here to help. 

I can't send email

Here are the most common reasons for being unable to send email:

  • Address not found: Make sure the address you're sending to has the right spelling. 
  • No Internet connection: It might sound obvious, but make sure you're connected to the internet. Open your web browser to check.
  • Email too large: If you're trying to send an email with attachment(s), remember that the size limit is 15MB. Anything larger than this won't send. Why not use online storage to share your files, like One Drive from Microsoft or Google Drive.
  • Mailbox full: If the person/organisation you're emailing has no space in their inbox, your email won't be delivered. Ask them to delete some, then try sending again.
  • Mailbox not set up (message looping detected): If the mailbox you're sending to isn't set up correctly it won't be able to receive mail. Ask the owner to check their settings.
  • Email Settings: If you've recently set up your Webmail account, make sure it's set up correctly. Visit email setup for step-by-step guidance.
  • Spam filters: Check the content of the email, could some of the words in the subject have caused the spam filter to block the email? Have you been sending the same email multiple times? If you have then the message might get blocked.

If it's none of the above, try waiting a little while and sending again. Often this will fix the problem.

I can't receive email

There's often a simple explanation for this. Firstly, check the following:

  • Your junk/spam folder: Email may have been going directly into this folder instead of your inbox.
  • Spam filters: Check the content of the email, could some of the words in the subject have caused the spam filter to block the email? Have you been sending the same email multiple times? If you have then the message might get blocked.
  • The destination email address - Try sending an email to a different address that you know is working and check if it's received. If it arrives, the problem is most likely to be with the original email address you were trying to reach.

If the problem continues, it's usually an issue with your account setup. Try setting it up again:


When you have re-set up your account, send yourself a test email to see if it arrives.


Still having problems? Please contact us so we can look into it for you.

I'm getting an error message

If you're getting an error message when you're using TalkTalk email in a mail client such as Microsoft Outlook, please try the steps below:

  • Close and re-open your mail client, e.g. Outlook
  • Restart your computer
  • Check that you're connected to the internet - it might sound obvious, but it's easy to lose your connection without realising it.
  • Make sure your mail client is set up correctly. Visit email setup for help with this.

My emails are being blocked

If you notice your emails are being blocked or blacklisted by another provider please let us know. When this happens, your emails will usually bounce back to you with a Delivery Failure message confirming why your mail can’t be sent. Simply forward this Delivery Failure email to so we can look into this for you.

You’ll receive an automatic email to confirm we’ve received it, and we may be in touch if we need additional information from you.

Please Note: The automatic confirmation email may have gone into your junk or spam folders so please check these.

Try in webmail

If you have problems sending or receiving emails using a client then test in our webmail service. This will tell you if the problem is with the client, or with the email service.

Follow these steps to work out if the client has developed a fault:

  1. Close the client - make sure you close the client so that it can't interfere with the test. Look in your running programs to make sure it isn't still running.

  2. Load webmail - Go to and login to webmail, Use our forgotten password and help with logging in to webmail if you run into problems.

  3. Send a test email - Using webmail send an email to yourself. To do this click the compose button, then in the "to" section put your own email address.

Email is not instant, once you have sent the email it may take a little while for it to appear in the inbox. 

If the email appears in the inbox in webmail then the problem must be related directly to the client. Check your settings are correct and if you need further assistance contact the client manufacturer.




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