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Installing the Super Safe Boost

Simply sign up for the Super Safe Boost  Add and download the TalkTalk security software (we recommend saving it to your desktop). If you've already signed up for the Super Safe Boost Add you can download the software from My Account.

The Super Safe Boost Add is only suitable for Microsoft Windows PCs & Laptops (XP and above). For all other devices e.g. Mac, tablets, smartphones etc we recommend activating our Virus Alerts which are free as part of our HomeSafe® package.


Important notice

Your computer must be fully up to date before installing the Super Safe Boost. If the computer is not fully up to date then the installation may fail.


Step 1 of 9: Open the installer

To install the Super Safe boost Add double click the icon which will have appeared on your desktop (it should look like this) then follow the steps below: 

Installation Icon


Step 2 of 9: Run the software

Click Run or Continue if you receive a security prompt.

Security Warning

Step 3 of 9: Accept the license agreement

If you agree to the terms click Accept to continue the installation.


Step 4 of 9 : Enter your licence key

You will see this subscription key screen.  If your subscription key has not been automatically entered, you can retrieve it from My Account and enter it manually then click Next.

Enter key

Step 5 of 9: Accept automatic installation

Select Next.

Install SSB

Step 6 of 9 : Select data contribution (optional)

Choose whether you wish to contribute data then click Next

Real-time Protection


Step 7 of 9: Check for other software

Your TalkTalk Security software will run a system check to make sure there is no software that would conflict with it, e.g other anti-virus programs. 

Detecting conflicting software

If it finds any, these will be listed and the Super Safe Boost will try to automatically remove them. Click Next to continue, and as part of this process your computer may restart.

Conflicting software

If the software has been successfully removed the installation will continue. If you receive the following screen it has not been possible to remove the software automatically. To continue with the installation you will need to remove the software yourself. If you are unsure how to do this please consult the software manufacturer for assistance.

Failed to remove conflicting software


Step 8 of 9: Continue Installation

If no conflicting software is identified or has been removed the installation will continue.



Step 9 of 9: Installation complete.

When the software is installed you will receive the following notification. Click Close to complete the installation



Your computer will now be protected by your new software. You can protect up to 5 PC's and laptops, simply follow the steps above to download and install the software on all your computers.

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