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Managing your email addresses in My Account

To create and manage your email account, you'll need to be a TalkTalk customer and registered for My Account. Here, you can add and remove email addresses and manage your email passwords too. If you aren't registered for My Account yet, sign up here.


1. Log into My Account


To add or make any changes to your email account, you'll need to be logged into My Account.

Please Note: Your My Account log in details might not be the same as your TalkTalk email ones - it will depend which email address you registered for My Account with.

Log into My Account

Problems logging in?

2. View your email address details


Depending on your My Account, either:

  • Hover over Profile and settings in the top navigation bar and select Login details from the menu.


  • Click on Profile & Settings, then on Manage your email and password.

You'll be presented with a list of active email addresses associated with your account.

My Account




3. Manage your email addresses & passwords


My Account


Next to each email address you'll see the following options:

  • Delete your email address A  Please Note: If you choose this option, the email address and associated email account, including contacts and mail will be permanently deleted. Once your address is deleted we can't recover it, so you'll be prompted to confirm you want to 'delete forever' before this change is made.
  • Change your email password B Remember that email passwords are case sensitive.
  • Use this email address for My Account: c Select this option to set one of your email addresses as your My Account username and the destination for your online bills. 
  • Create a new or additional email address: D You can have up to 5 email addresses so this option will be greyed out if you have reached this limit. When you add a new email address, you'll be asked to choose a password for it too.
  • Alternate email address: This is the address we send your email password reminder to if you forget it.

Once you've made your changes, click Confirm. You'll receive confirmation that the changes have been successful.



4. Change your password


My Account

Next to each email address you'll see the option to Change your email password. B Remember that email passwords are case sensitive.


5. Deleting an email account


If you decide you don't need your TalkTalk email account any more, you can delete it via My Account. Follow the steps in section A  of Step 3 above and the address and associated account including contacts and mail will be removed.

I'm no longer a TalkTalk customer: Once you leave TalkTalk, your email account will remain active but you won't be able to manage it via My Account. We recommend switching to another email provider after this point. 




Once you have created an email address take a look at how to access your emails or some of the features available when using webmail.

If you have any problems using your email then use our email troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem.

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