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Can I connect to a Virtual Private Network?

Virtual Private Networks (or VPN) allow you to communicate securely to a remote computer or network. They are often used by people to connect to their company network or work computer when they are out of the office.

The majority of VPN’s require an internet connection with a static IP address. For technical reasons, we don’t present static IPs to our residential customers.

A static IP address can be very problematic and require a lot of technical administration to keep running smoothly. Static IP addresses can even cause the loss of connectivity in certain circumstances and some websites may reject specific IPs.

We provide dynamic IP addresses. This means your IP address will change whenever you disconnect and reconnect to the TalkTalk network. While this sounds complicated, it’s actually the best way of providing you with a hassle-free connection.

Unfortunately, this means you may not be able to connect with some types of VPN.

However, there are some ways of getting around this, like setting up a Dynamic DNS. While we can’t provide any specific help in this area, there’s plenty of information available from the TalkTalk community. Find out more about Dynamic DNS.

We cannot provide any support for specific VPN’s. For help, support and troubleshooting, please contact the VPN host.

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