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My remote control is not working

If you are experiencing problems with your remote control there are a number of checks you can carry out:

If your remote control has been lost or damaged, you can purchase a new one in the TalkTalk shop.

Sync your remote

It may be that you need to sync your remote control with your YouView box. You can find out how to do that by looking at our Remote Control Setup Guide.


Reset your remote

Try resetting your remote control - simply press and hold the OK Button button and Youview power button (top left)  on your remote at the same time until the LED blinks twice then enter 977 on the remote. The remote is now reset and you should be able to use it.


Check operation

Make sure that your remote control is operating your YouView box. Pressing the TV button on the remote control will enable you to control your TV.


Reverse a battery

Try putting one of the batteries the incorrect way round in the remote control for a few seconds and then changing it to the correct way round again.


Check the batteries

Check that your batteries have been inserted correctly or try a fresh pair of batteries in your remote control. If you have the remote version with the battery indicator, it will light up to tell you when your batteries are low.

If your problems persist please contact us.



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