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My YouView box won't switch on

You can switch your YouView box on and off either by using your remote control, or by pressing the power switch on the box itself.

YouView box power buttonremote power button


Check you have the correct source

AV button

If you have a blank screen on your TV you should make sure you have the correct input source selected for your YouView box. If you have configured your TalkTalk remote to control your TV, you can cycle through the available sources by pressing the AV button on your TalkTalk remote.


Problems turning on

If the box won’t switch on, or come out of stand-by mode (you may see the message 'nearly ready' or the TalkTalk logo on screen) then there are a number of things you can try.

  • Ensure that the box is connected properly to the mains supply and check that the power cable is inserted firmly. You might want to try using a different wall socket. For help with connection issues then take a look at our connection guide.
  • If you’ve been trying to switch your YouView box on using your remote control, it may be an issue with the remote control rather than the box, so first of all check that you are using fresh batteries. It’s also important to check that your remote control is set up correctly to control your YouView box. If you have the Humax box, press the PVR button on the remote control and a red light will light up on your remote. This means the remote control is now ready to use on your YouView box. For the Huawei box press the TalkTalk button, which will light up to show it is ready to use. Take a look at our guide to remote controls.

If you're YouView box is stuck on the 'waking up message' or you are still having problems switching on your YouView box then please contact us so we can resolve your issue.

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