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Pause & Rewind TV

Don't miss a second of the action with the pause and rewind feature on TalkTalk TV. You can control any programme that appears on your screen including Freeview channels, On Demand content and your recordings (YouView+ Box only). 

Controlling Live TV

When you start watching a live TV channel, your Box will store temporary content to allow you to rewind to a previous point known as delayed TV. It will only store content on the channel you're watching from the point you started watching it and once you exit this channel the temporary storage will be cleared. The storage limit varies depending on which Box you have, so for the YouView+ Box it's about 2 hours and for the YouView Box it's about 30 minutes. For HD content storage can vary.

Find out more about the features and controls with the table below:

Feature Summary
Rewind Rewind  Skip back to a previous point on the channel you're viewing. This takes you into delayed TV.
Pause Pause Pause live TV 
Fast Forward Fast forward Skip through the stored content up to the point of real time TV. Check the time bar at the bottom of the screen for the fast forward limit.
Play Play Play live TV at any point
Stop Stop Exit delayed TV and return to live. A warning will remind you that all stored content for this channel will be deleted.


Controlling On Demand TV

On Demand has all the features above, but without the limitations of the temporary stored content so you can skip, fast-forward, pause and rewind as much as you like. You can also watch programmes more than once for as long as they're available in the relevant player.

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