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If you're experiencing problems recording with the YouView+ Box, please select the relevant tab below to view our helpful information and FAQs.

Remember, TalkTalk have two TV packages with different Set Top boxes. Recording is only possible on the YouView+ box which is provided free of charge with TalkTalk Plus TV. For more information see Which YouView Box do I have?



We know how frustrating it can be if your recording isn't successful. Often this is caused by a reschedule of your programme, lack of recording space or a connection problem. 

  • Was your Box on or in standby mode? If you switched it off at the mains or via the switch on the back, or there was a power cut it won't record anything.

  • Check your aerial is firmly connected

  • Was your internet working at the time of recording? (if you're recording Boost channels)

  • Was the show rescheduled to a different time/date?

  • Did you have enough recording space? Visit About Recording for details of the great features to help you manage your recordings.

  • Was there a recording clash? If you've got too many recordings scheduled at the same time some may not record.

  • If you restarted your YouView+ Box or retuned it during a recording it will fail.

If you've tried the above and are still experiencing failed recordings, please head over to the TalkTalk Community where one of our Community Executives will be able to help you further.


My recording says failed before it's broadcast

If your recording says failed even before the programme is due to be broadcast this is often because the broadcaster has changed the programme information. YouView uses this to track the start and end of the programme in the programme guide. In a lot of cases, the title, date and time do not change and the broadcaster provides sufficient additional information to allow YouView to find the replacement and record it successfully. If a programme is cancelled from the schedule by the broadcaster then it will fail to record.


Incomplete recordings are often caused by an incorrect broadcaster's signal or a schedule change which was not updated in time (for example, extra time and penalties during a sporting event). If you do end up missing the end of a show, it might be worth looking to see if a programme has been on before and watching it again by going backwards through the programme guide, or looking in the On Demand section. 

If you plan to record a programme that is likely to overrun, such as a live event or match, it's worth recording the programme after it as well so that you don’t miss any of the coverage.

Picture Quality

If you're having problems with the picture quality of your recording, this is often due to a poor connection. The cause depends on what type of content you were recording:

  • Freeview Channel: This can happen if there was a TV signal problem at the time your programme was recording. Check your aerial is connected firmly.

  • TV Boost Channel: This is often due to an internet connection problem which causes picture issues or a black screen. Run a real time health check in the service centre to identify and report any problems.

You can also check to see if the same programme is due to be repeated so you can record it again or have a look if it's available On Demand. 


No Sound

If you're experiencing a loss of sound on just one channel it may be a problem with the broadcaster. If the loss of sound is on all channels the following steps will help resolve the issue.

  • Make sure the mute button has not been accidentally pressed.

  • Make sure your volume is at a sufficient level on both your TV and YouView+ box. You can find out more about adjusting your volume in Adjusting the volume with your TalkTalk remote.

  • If you're using surround sound, make sure all your equipment is correctly connected and powered on.

What can I record?

All content in the YouView Guide can be recorded, including the below:

  • Freeview channels
  • Inclusive Sky channels as part of the Plus TV package
  • Any TV Boosts that you have added.

On Demand content in the TalkTalk Player and the backwards guide can't be recorded, but is usually available for a week or more giving you plenty of time to catch up on anything you've missed.


Unable to record:

  • If you see the message "not available on your device" when trying to record, this means you don't have the YouView+ Box with this feature.To take advantage of recording live TV, you can upgrade to Plus TV and we'll send you the YouView+ Box.
  • Not Subscribed - If you've recorded TV Boost content, you'll need to be subscribed to these channels to play back your recordings.
  • Unable to record TV Boost channels - If you're on an older software version this feature might not be available. Simply upgrade your software to receive the latest updates.

Unable to play back a recording

If you're unable to play back a recording it's likely that it has failed. We're unable to recover failed recordings, so we recommend checking On Demand or the backwards guide to see if your chosen programme is available to watch there. You can also check the guide to see if it's due to be repeated, and record it again. 

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