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Problems Recording

If you're experiencing problems recording with the YouView+ Box, please refer to the below list of common questions.

TalkTalk have two TV packages with different Set Top boxes. Recording is only possible on the YouView+ box which is provided free of charge with TalkTalk Plus. For more information see Which YouView Box do I have?


I have a recording clash

If you try to record too many programmes at the same time in the YouView guide, it will create a clash.

Your YouView+ Box will let you know if there's a clash and suggest how you can resolve it by:

  • Recording the programme at a different time. Your YouView+ Box will prompt you if the programme is repeated in the next 7 days and present you with an alternative time to record it. You'll then need to navigate to the date and time suggested and record the programme. 
  • Record the programme but cancel another recording. Your YouView+ Box will show what other programmes are set to record and you can select one of these to cancel to resolve the clash.
  • Do nothing. Simply press "Back" on the TalkTalk remote but the programme will not record due to the clash.

How many programmes can I record

at the same time?

Your YouView+ Box can record up to two programmes at once, one of which can be a TV Boost channel. If you try to record too many programmes at the same time in the YouView guide, you'll receive a warning message.

For more information about recording live TV see How do I record programmes on my YouView+ Box?   


I'm getting an error message

"Not available on your device"

This message is presented when you try to record using a YouView Box as it does not have recording capabilities. The YouView box is provided free of charge to customers taking TalkTalk Essentials TV. To take advantage of recording live TV, you can upgrade to TalkTalk Plus TV and receive your free YouView+ Box.


I cannot record on demand content

It's not possible to record directly from an On Demand player. All available On Demand programmes are ready to watch whenever you are, and there's no limit to the amount of times you can watch a programme when it's online.

Please be aware that some On Demand content has end dates when they are removed from the service and may not be available for long periods of time.


I cannot record in the TalkTalk player

Whilst you can record channels in the YouView TV Guide, you're not able to record programmes in the TalkTalk Player. 


I cannot record TV Boost channels

To record TV Boost channels, please make sure your YouView+ box is up to date and is able to connect to the internet. For instructions on updating your YouView+ box, see How do I check and update the software version on my YouView Box?


There is no sound

If you're experiencing a loss of sound on just one channel it may be a problem with the broadcaster. If the loss of sound is on all channels the following steps will help resolve the issue.

  • Make sure the mute button has not been accidentally pressed.
  • Make sure your volume is at a sufficient level on both your TV and YouView+ box. You can find out more about adjusting your volume in Adjusting the volume with your TalkTalk remote.
  • If you're using surround sound, make sure all your equipment is correctly connected and powered on.

My recording failed

If you've experienced a problem with a recording, the following steps will help identify the cause.

  • Is the aerial firmly connected?
  • Was the YouView+ Box powered on when the recording was scheduled?
  • Was the show rescheduled to a different time/date?
  • If recording a TV Boost channel, was your internet connection working at the time of the recording?



If you've tried all these steps and you are still unable to use the record facility then please contact us.


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