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Recording on my YouView+ Box

One of the great features of your YouView+ Box is the ability to record live TV so you can enjoy your favourite shows at a time that suits you. TalkTalk have two TV packages with different set top boxes, so you'll need to have the YouView+ box, which is provided free of charge with the TalkTalk Plus TV plan.

Which box do I have?

If you're not sure which box you have please visit Which YouView Box do I have? for help identifying it. If your YouView remote has the Record button greyed out this also means that your YouView Box doesn't have the record facility - a message on screen will also let you know if it's not available for you.

Upgrade to Plus TV

If you have the YouView Box without the recording feature, and would like to record TV, why not upgrade your TalkTalk plan to Plus TV? You can do this in a few quick steps in My Account, and benefit from all the great features included in the Plus TV plan.



Take a look at our handy video to discover all about our recording feature and you'll never miss your favourite programmes again! View the steps below to record and play back on your YouView+ Box, as well as our top tips for recording.

All content in the YouView Guide can be recorded, including the below:

  • Freeview channels

  • Inclusive Sky channels as part of the Plus TV package

  • Any TV Boosts that you have added.

On Demand content in the TalkTalk Player and the backwards guide can't be recorded, but is usually available for a week or more giving you plenty of time to catch up on anything you've missed.




How do I record a programme or series?

Recording your favourite programmes and series couldn't be simpler. You can record individual programmes, or entire series to make sure you don't miss a thing!

1. Press the YouView YouView button on your TalkTalk remote.

2. Select Guide

3.Select an episode or series that you’d like to record and press Record

4. Select Record only this episode or Record whole series. Your series or episode will now be scheduled to record and a record icon record series will appear beside your programme. 

You can also record the programme you are watching simply press Record. The programme will either start to record from the beginning, or the point at which you switched over (if you switched over after the programme started.)

To record more than one programme at the same time, please visit the Multiple Recordings tab above for details.


Top tips for setting recordings

To make sure there are no disappointments when it comes to playing back your recordings, follow our 4 tips below:

  • Leave your box on or in standby mode - if you switch it off at the mains or via the switch on the back it won't record anything.

  • Check your aerial is firmly connected

  • Make sure your internet is working (if you're recording Boost channels)

  • If your programme is likely to overrun (e.g a sporting event) record the programme after it too so you don't miss out on any of the coverage.


How do I play back my recordings?

Once you have recorded a programme or film on your YouView+ Box it will be stored on your box to watch any time. If you want to protect your recordings you can lock them from being deleted. Click on the Manage Recordings tab above for info.

  1. Press the YouView YouView button button on your TalkTalk remote

  2. Select MyView

  3. Select Recordings

  4. Select the programme you’d like to watch. All episodes in a series are ‘rolled-up’ into a single list entry.

  5. Now choose where you’d like to watch the programme from:

    • To watch the programme from the beginning, simply press OK on your TalkTalk remote

    • To pick a specific time in the programme to watch from, use the Left and Right buttons and press OK to confirm

If you have activated parental controls, any programmes classed as post-watershed will require your YouView PIN before you can play them back. Remember, if you have recorded a TV Boost channel you must be subscribed to that channel to watch your recordings.


Your YouView+ Box can record up to two programmes at once, one of which can be an TV Boost channel. If you try to record too many programmes at the same time in the YouView guide, it will create a clash.

What can I watch whilst I am recording?

Watching Freeview Channel Freeview Channel TV Boost
Freeview Channel Yes Yes (if channel being watched) No
Yes No Yes
TV Boost Yes Yes No
On Demand Yes Yes No
Yes No Yes (Quality may suffer depending on broadband speed) 
Recorded content Yes Yes No
Yes No Yes


Recording multiple programmes at the same time

Your YouView Box has 2 tuners, which means you can watch one live Freeview broadcast programme while recording another. If you are recording 2 live Freeview broadcast programmes at once, you won't be able to watch a third Freeview channel. However, you can still watch:

  • Either of the 2 channels you are recording

  • Any TV Boost channel, demand programme or film. 

  • One of your saved recordings in MyView

If you are recording a TV Boost channel, you will not be able to watch another TV Boost channel but you can still watch a Freeview channel or something you have previously recorded in MyView.

Recording Clash

If you have a recording clash, your YouView+ Box will let you know and suggest how you can fix it with the below:

  • Recording the programme at a different time: Your YouView+ Box will prompt you if the programme is repeated in the next 7 days and present you with an alternative time to record it. You will then need to navigate to the date and time suggested and record the programme.

  • Record the programme but cancel another recording: Your YouView+ Box will show what other programmes are set to record and you can select one of these to cancel to resolve the clash.

  • Do nothing: Simply press "Back" on the TalkTalk remote but the programme will not record due to the clash.



You can cancel, manually delete and lock your recordings in a few simple steps from the MyView menu.

Cancel my recordings

  1. Press the YouView button on your TalkTalk remote.

  2. Select MyView, then Scheduled Recordings

  3. Select the recording you would like to cancel and press red button

  4. Select Yes. If you were only recording a single programme rather than a series, the recording will now be cancelled. If you were recording a series, you'll be asked whether to delete a single episode from the series or the whole series.


Delete Recordings

  1. Press the MyView button on the TalkTalk remote

  2. Highlight the entire series, or find the individual recording you want to delete.

  3. Press the DEL button on the TalkTalk remote. If you have Delete Recordings Confirmation switched on, you'll be prompted to press OK to confirm. If you're deleting a full series, a message will pop up to state how many recordings are in the series. Simply press OK to confirm deletion.

The auto-delete feature is a great way to ensure there's always space on your YouView+ Box. Click on the Recording Space tab above for details of how to use this.


Lock Recordings

To protect individual recordings from being deleted, you can lock them. 

  1. Press the YouView YouView button
  2. Select MyView, then Recordings
  3. Find the recording you want to lock and press the Yellow Yellow button button on your TalkTalk remote. A lock will appear next to your recording to show it's protected. To remove this, simply press the Yellow button again.


Delete Confirmation

To prevent accidentally deleting any recordings you want to keep, this feature will prompt you to each time to confirm their removal.

  1. Press the YouView YouView Button button on your TalkTalk remote

  2. Select Settings, then Device Management

  3. Select Delete Recordings Confirmation

  4. Select ON to activate delete recordings confirmation (or OFF to deactivate it).

Your YouView+ Box can record over 185 hours of Standard Definition or 60 hours of High Definition TV programmes and films from the YouView guide. If you have lots of recordings, it's easy to check the remaining space and if you're near the limit the Automatic Delete feature will help to free up space.

Check my recording space

  1. Press the YouView button on your TalkTalk remote

  2. Select MyView

  3. You’ll see the how much recording space you have remaining at the bottom left of the screen


Automatic Delete

To help free up space on your YouView+ Box, and ensure scheduled recordings are successful, you can set your Box to automatically delete content, starting with the oldest, when it's about to reach it's limit. If you want to manually manage your recordings then follow the steps below to turn this feature off.

  1. Press the YouView YouView Button button on our TalkTalk remote

  2. Select Settings, then Device Management

  3. Select Auto-delete Recordings

  4. Select OFF to deactivate automatic recording (or ON to activate it). Press OK to confirm


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