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Setting up TalkTalk email on an Android phone

The following steps will help you setup your email address on your Android phone. If you're not sure what your email or password is, you can find them in My Account.

If you've already set up your email account but it's not working, try deleting the account then adding it again. Simply tap Settings, then accounts. Tap your email account, then tap remove account. Once you've deleted it, follow the steps below:


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Open Settings. You can do this by either tapping your Menu button and selecting Settings or by simply tapping the Settings icon on the App List.


Step 2 of 9

Tap Accounts followed by Add Account.




Step 3 of 9

Tap Email from the account types.

Tap Email

Step 4 of 9

Enter your TalkTalk email address and password and tap Manual setup. If you're not sure what your email or password is, you can find them in My Account.


Password entry


Step 5 of 9

Tap IMAP account.


Incoming mail settings


Step 6 of 9

Check your incoming server settings match those shown:

  • Username: Your TalkTalk email address ending

  • IMAP server:

  • Port: 143

Tap Next.


Incoming settings


Step 7 of 9

Check your outgoing server settings match those shown:

SMTP server:

Port: 587

Different version of Android have different security options.

Select either:

  • TLS (accept all certificates)

  • Preference - 'STARTTLS' (accept all certificates)

If you get an error message or cannot send email set security to "None"

Tap Next.


Outgoing settings


Step 8 of 9

Set your account options, such as how often your Android phone should check for new mail. Tap Next.


Set preferences


Step 9 of 9

Your email account is now set up. You have the option to give your account a name and add a name to be displayed as the email sender. When you're finished tap Done.

If you’re still having trouble setting up your email, head over to the Android support site for more detailed help and troubleshooting.




Should you need further information or assistance then head on to our TalkTalk Community?

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