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Setting up TalkTalk email on Blackberry 10 OS

The following will help you setup your email address on your Blackberry 10 OS. If you’re not sure what your email or password is you can find them in My Account.


Step 1 of 11

On your Blackberry home screen, swipe down. 

Swipe Down

Step 2 of 11

Select Settings.


Step 3 of 11

Select Accounts.


Step 4 of 11

Select Add Account.

Add Account

Step 5 of 11

Select IMAP.


Step 6 of 11

Complete the following:


  • Description - Describe type of account
  • Display name - Your name
  • Username - Your email address
  • Email Address - Your email address
  • Password - Your email password (remember this is case sensitive). If you don't remember your password you can check and manage your email addresses in My Account.
Fill in Account Details




Step 7 of 11


This information will be displayed if you scroll down. Some of the information is set by default. Complete the following:

  • SMTP Username: your email address

  • SMTP Password: your email password (remember this is case sensitive)

  • Server Address:

  • Port: 143

  • Use SSL: Slide switch to OFF

Fill in Details

Step 8 of 11

Complete the following details:

  • SMTP server:
  • SMTP port: 587

  • SMTP encryption: None

When complete tap Done.

Fill in Details and select Done

Step 9 of 11

The next screen will verify your settings.

Verifying Settings

Step 10 of 11

Your account will be added to this screen.

Email added to Accounts

Step 11 of 11

To access your emails swipe right from the Home screen and select the Hub icon. Select your email account to view the messages.

Select email account to view messages

If you have encountered any problems, head over to the Blackberry Support Site for more detailed help and troubleshooting.



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