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Setting up Tiscali email on iPad

The following steps will help you setup your email address on your iPad. If you’re not sure what your email or password is you can find them in My Account.

If you've already set up your email account but it's not working, try deleting the account then adding it again. Simply tap Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars and tap your email account. Scroll down and tap Delete Account. Once you've deleted it, follow the steps below:

Important notice

Please note: Some Apple devices may setup IMAP or POP3 incorrectly. You may find that if you try and setup IMAP on your device it could use POP3 and vice versa. For more information regarding this setup take a look at Apple support for this issue.

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On your iPad home screen, tap the Settings icon.

Tap Settings

Step 2 of 12

Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars on the left, then tap Add Mail Account.

Add Account


Step 3 of 12

Select Other from the account types.



Step 4 of 12

Tap Add mail account, then complete the following sections:

  • Name - Your name needs to go in here.

  • Email - Your email address.

  • Password - Remember this is case sensitive, if you don't remember your password you can check and manage your email addresses in My Account.

The Description box will automatically show Tiscali when you have added your details. Click Next to continue.


If you're not sure what your email account details are, you can find them in My Account.

Your details



Step 5 of 12

Tap IMAP which will turn blue to show it's selected.

Select Add Mail Account

Step 6 of 12

On the same screen as step 5, scroll down to check your settings are correct as below:

Incoming Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server:

Tap Save.

Complete Details and select Next


Step 7 of 12

You may see this message when your iPad is verifying your settings. Tap Yes to try setting up your account without SSL.





Step 8 of 12

Your account should now be set up. You'll see Tiscali listed under your active accounts.

If you're using a 3G iPad, you'll need to change your SMTP settings in order to connect to your Tiscali email account on the go. Tap Tiscali.




Save Changes


Step 9 of 12






Step 10 of 12

Tap SMTP under the primary server header.



Tap SMTP server


Step  11 of 12

Change your details to the following:

  • Username: Your Tiscali email address

  • Password: Your Tiscali email password,

  • Slide the SSL to OFF.

  • Authentication: Password, if you don't remember your password you can check and manage your email addresses in My Account.

  • Server Port: 587

Tap Done.




Change details


Step 12 of 12

You can access your emails by tapping the envelope icon on your iPad home screen.

Having problems? Head over to Apple's iPad support site for more detailed help and troubleshooting.

This Screen confirms Account added



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