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System Preferences on your YouView Box

Click on an item in the below list to find out more about the System Preferences on your YouView Box.


About Your YouView Box

The About your YouView Box setting displays information about the manufacturer, model and serial number of your YouView Box. You may need to access this information if you are experiencing technical issues.

For help accessing this information see the How do I view the model/serial number guide.

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Auto-Delete Recordings

YouView+ Boxes are programmed to delete recordings automatically, starting with your oldest programmes and ones you have already watched. This is so that space on your YouView+ Box does not run out.

However, if there is something you want to keep in MyView, you can protect it from auto-delete by selecting the programme in MyView and pressing the yellow button on the TalkTalk remote.

You can also turn this feature off so programmes are not automatically deleted but this means if your YouView+ Box is full you won't be able to record new TV shows.

For help with this setting see the How do I turn on/off auto deletion of recordings guide.

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Automatic Stand By Time

To save energy, your YouView Box is set to switch to standby mode if there is no activity after 3 hours.

You can adjust this time limit to 3 hours or 2 hours.

Your recordings will not be affected when your box is on standby. When the box is turned on after standby it will display the last viewed live TV channel. Once your box goes into standby mode it will take longer to load up.

For help with this setting see the How do I change the standby timing guide.

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Reset YouView Box

A factory reset will revert your YouView Box back to its original settings. This means that any settings you have changed will go back to default settings and your recordings will be cleared and cannot be recovered.

If you reset the device you will also need to go through the set-up process again.

For help with this setting see the How do I reset the YouView Box to factory settings guide.

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Software Update

You can manually check for software updates on your YouView Box. Software updates may introduce new features and resolve software issues, so it is worth checking if there are any updates if you are experiencing issues with your YouView Box.

All updates will take place automatically over night if you leave your YouView Box in stand by mode.

For help with this setting see the How do I update the YouView Box software guide.

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Software Version

To check what software version you are on please follow the simple step by step guide in the How do I view my software version guide.

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