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Please see the below list for more information on using the TalkTalk Player.


There are four ways you can get to the TalkTalk Player:

  • Press the TalkTalk button on your TalkTalk remote
    (this is the quickest way, if you have a Huawei YouView TV Box)
  • Or press the YouView button (on either Humax or Huawei remote control), use the left and right arrows to scroll across to the TalkTalk button and press OK
  • Or press the YouView button (on either remote control), use the left and right arrows to scroll across to On Demand, select a genre and choose a programme from the TalkTalk Player, you will see the TalkTalk logo on the image of the movie/programme
  • Or press the YouView button (on either remote control), use the left arrows to scroll across to the On Demand button and press OK. Press the up arrow to move to the player grid and then the arrow buttons to highlight the TalkTalk Player image. Press OK to launch the player

Tip: you can only enjoy on demand content on TalkTalk TV if you have your set top box connected to your broadband.



TalkTalk Player welcome screen


The welcome screen is the first you see when accessing the TalkTalk Player; either by your TalkTalk remote or from the YouView main menu.

Simply press OK to access all the channels, movies and programmes in the TalkTalk Player.



TalkTalk Player home screen

Home screen

The Home Screen will be displayed when you enter the TalkTalk player. Here you can see programmes and movies that are tailored to you, access your watchlist or continue watching your recent shows or movies. You can easily see what's included in your package in Included Channels or if you fancy something different, why not take a look at all the available content in Extra Channels.

You can also manage your watchlist.



Watching a programme or movie

watching a film

When you are watching a programme or movie in the TalkTalk Player you can pause and rewind what you are viewing simply by using your TalkTalk remote. You can also skip forwards and backwards through content and view how far through a programme you currently are:

Remote Control Button Function
Pause Pause / un-pause
Skip forwards Skip forwards
Skip backwards Skip backwards
Play Play, view position in content
Stop Stop - press twice to exit content


If you stop playing your programme or movie before you have watched it to the end, don’t worry, when you go back to it the TalkTalk Player will remember where you stopped watching and you can select to resume play from that point.



Renting a movie

Renting a movie in the TalkTalk Player is really simple. Once you have found what you want to watch, simply select it by pressing OK and you will be taken to the purchase screen. This will display more information about the movie including: the storyline, the price, how long you can rent it for, the rating and the movie’s duration. In some instances you will be offered the option to watch in High Definition (HD).

Purchase screen

Press OK to rent the movie and then enter your TalkTalk PIN to confirm your rental.

PIN entry



Buying content to own

Buying content in the TalkTalk Player is really simple. Any content available to buy will show Buy Now on the programme image. Simply select what you want to watch, and click on the Buy button for your chosen version. Enter your TalkTalk PIN to confirm your purchase, and once complete your chosen content will start to play. For more information on this feature, please visit Buy to Own.

Purchase screen




Included Channels

Included channels

To make it easier to view your subscribed channels, we have gathered them all into one place. Simply select Included Channels from the Home menu to find your favourite shows.


Extra  Channels

Extra channels

The Extra Channels section will show you all the content that is not part of your current subscriptions. Highlighting a channel will display either subscribe or rental price.

  • Subscribe means this channel is part of a TV Boost. Once you have subscribed to the associated Boost, you will be able to view all content within the channel at no extra cost.

  • Rental refers to channels that contain movies or shows that are pay-per-view. You will be provided more infomation on the price and rental length on the purchase screen.




If there’s a particular programme or movie that you want to watch but just can’t find the time to watch it – add it to your watchlist to watch it at a later date. You can add any programme or movie to a watchlist that has a yellow ‘add to watchlist’ icon displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

You can easily remove an item from your Watchlist at anytime, just enter the Watchlist and select the programme or movie that you want to remove by pressing the yellow button on your remote control whenever you see the ‘Remove from Watchlist’ icon at the bottom right of your screen.

You can also manage your watchlist from anywhere, using the TalkTalk TV app.


Currently Watching

Currently watching

The Currently Watching section allows you view your recently viewed programmes, ideal if you've had to leave a programme half-way through and want to pick up where you left off, or want to jump back into your favourite series.

When you select a programme or movie that you have been watching you will have the option to either continue from where you left of or start from the beginning.




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