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We’ve been doing lots of work to get our services back up and running for customers. Now, My Account is up and running with the most popular features and it’s possible to buy or upgrade your services online.

TalkTalk TV Installation

When you place your TalkTalk TV order, you'll choose one of the below installation options. For engineer installations a highly qualified Brightsparks engineer will visit your home, optimise your connection and install everything for you. Choosing Speedy Install means we'll send you all the kit you'll need including your YouView Box, cables etc via courier along with the step-by-step guidance to help you set up your services yourself at a time that suits you.


Speedy Install

Engineer Install

Speedy Install Engineer Install


To find out everything you need to know about your TV installation, from tracking your appointment or kit delivery to getting connected and using TalkTalk TV please select a tab below.


Once you've placed your order we'll take care of the rest. Find out about the kit, delivery and getting connected below.

Receiving your YouView Box

We'll send out your kit including your YouView Box via courier service. If you're new to TalkTalk, this kit will only be dispatched once your phone and broadband services are up and running. You'll need to sign for this delivery so the driver may attempt to deliver to a neighbour if you're not at home, or you'll have the option to rearrange your delivery if it's not convenient. Find out more about your YouView Box delivery


What's in the kit?

The Speedy Install kit has everything you'll need to get connected as below. Please check you have all the items shown, and contact us if there's anything missing.

Self Install Kit


Setting up your YouView Box

Once you have got your Speedy Install Kit, you're ready to get connected. You'll find a step by step guide in the box (or view our PDF Speedy Install Guide), or you can take a look at our handy YouView setup guide with a video and steps to help you get everything set up. 


About Powerline Adapters

powerlinePowerline Adapters are devices that use the electricity power lines in your home to send your broadband signal between your YouView Box and router. You'll need them if your YouView Box is in a different room to your router or if there's a big distance between them. Powerlines are a neater solution without unnecessary extension wiring, and they will help your connection stay strong over distance.

Available as a pack of two for just £17.50, you can buy them when you place your order (just select the kit with Powerlines), or at any time in the TalkTalk Shop. It's important to make sure they're set up correctly, and there are no interferences nearby like mobile phone chargers. Check the guide in your Speedy Install kit or visit How do I use my Powerline Adapters? for our quick start guide.

If you choose an engineer installation, then one of our Bright Sparks team will visit your home to install your box for you and set it all up. They’ll even optimise your broadband to make sure you’re getting the fastest speed for your line.

Before your appointment

In the run up to your appointment you'll receive the following:

  • A welcome pack in the post - includes your PIN for the TalkTalk Player and purchasing content.Brightsparks Van
  • Appointment confirmation text/email - a reminder of your appointment details. Your engineer will also call you shortly beforehand to let you know when they will be arriving.
  • A router (new customers only) - you'll receive a broadband router in the post ready to set up your broadband and phone services. Your TV appointment will only take place after your phone and broadband are up and running.

The engineer will bring all the other equipment including your YouView Box, spare Powerline Adapters (just in case you wish to purchase them) and all the cabling to get your TalkTalk TV service connected.


Preparing for your appointment

Before your engineer arrives, it's a good idea to check the following:   YouView box

  • There is a parking space near your home for the engineer
  • You have a working TV aerial that can receive Freeview TV channels
  • There is an aerial socket on your wall near where you want your YouView Box to be installed.
  • Your TalkTalk broadband service is up and running
  • There are free power sockets near your TV to connect your equipment to.

If you have any problems with these checks, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


On the Day

When your engineer arrives, they'll get everything connected for you, give you a demonstration of how to use it along with an overview powerlines of the features and they'll help you set up any parental controls (if required). If your router is a long way away from your TV or in another room altogether, you might want to purchase some Powerline Adapters (if you haven’t already) or your engineer can install wiring to connect them.




Track, change  or cancel your appointment

You can follow every step of your order progress in My Account by clicking the blue button below. You'll find details of your order, confirmation of your appointment time and you'll be able to track any equipment deliveries as well. If you need to change your TV appointment, simply track your order via the blue button, and then follow the three steps in the table to choose a new date and time. 

Track my order


3 steps to change your TV appointment
1. Click View Progress 2. In the TV section click reschedule TV appointment 3. Choose a new appointment
Track order

If you're new to TalkTalk you may be automatically taken to the order tracker when you log in.

engineer appointment

Before you proceed: Remember, if you're new to TalkTalk or have recently moved home please allow at least 3 days between your phone & broadband services going live and your TV appointment.

New appointment

For information on cancelling your appointment, please visit Engineer Appointments.

If you're experiencing any problems with your installation, or would like to change your chosen installation option, take a look at all the details below.

I have a problem with my Speedy Install Kit

If you've chosen Speedy Install and haven't received your kit please follow our steps below:

  • Visit Track My Order to check your order status

  • Make sure a delivery attempt hasn't already been made - the courier will try to leave it with a neighbour if you're not home or will have left an undelivered card if nobody was available to sign for the parcel. 

  • If you're new to TalkTalk, remember that we won't despatch your kit until your phone and broadband services are up and running.

If your Speedy Install kit is missing any of the items you'll need to contact us so we can arrange a replacement. Remember, your kit will only include Powerline Adapters if you chose this option when you placed your order. You can buy these separately in the TalkTalk Shop if you need them.


My engineer hasn't arrived

If you've chosen an engineer install and your engineer hasn't arrived in your appointment time, please visit Track My Order to check your order status and see if there has been a problem with your installation. Remember, the engineer can arrive at any point within their timeslot, so please make sure you've allowed enough time for them to arrive. You can reschedule your appointment in My Account if they haven't arrived by the end of the day.


Can I change my chosen installation option?

brightsparksSpeedy Install: If you change your mind about installing your YouView Box yourself, or would like an engineer, it's not a problem. Within 10 days of receiving your kit you can book a free speedy install engineer visit to get everything connected for you. After 10 days it's just £65 for an engineer to complete your setup which you can arrange by contacting us.

Engineer Install: If you originally chose an engineer for your TV installation but have changed your mind and would like to install it yourself just contact us before 3pm the day before your engineer visit so we can make the necessary arrangements.


I am having problems with my phone or broadband connection

Service CentreIf you're experiencing any problems with your phone or broadband, head over to the service centre where you can run a healthcheck and troubleshoot your connection issues. 

If your broadband speeds seem slow following your TV installation, rest assured this is normal. Your TV service is delivered via broadband, and needs a stable connection to give you the best picture quality which can sometimes mean a slightly slower speed. Your line will be constantly monitored to make sure you're getting the best possible speeds and stability to enjoy all your TalkTalk services.


Using TalkTalk TV

Once you're connected you can start enjoying everything TalkTalk TV has to offer. You'll find a range of handy guides below to help you get the most out of your TV package and discover a huge range of brilliant content from all the best Freeview channels and on demand players, to blockbuster movies and great value Boosts to keep the whole family entertained.

BBC iPlayer ITV PlayerAll4 Demand 5    

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