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TalkTalk TV On Demand lets you catch up on TV you've missed at a time that suits you. All On Demand programmes are delivered via your internet connection, which is why we ask you to connect your YouView Box to your router during your installation.

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There are four ways to explore and watch your favourite programmes On Demand. Programmes are usually available for about 7 days after broadcast, but some can be available for up to 30 days so it's best to check the expiry date next to the programme information for the end date:

  • Backwards TV guide: Press the Guide button, scroll left and any On Demand content shows this symbol: On demand Icon

  • Head directly to the Player: Press the YouView button, select Players & Apps and take your pick from the best On Demand players like All4, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub & more.

  • Search for a programme: Press the search button, type in your chosen programme title and select one from the results. You'll see both live and On Demand programmes so you can choose which to watch.

  • Browse for inspiration: Press the YouView Button, then the Discover option to see the latest and most popular shows and series.


Can I record On Demand programmes?

If you're a Plus TV customer with the YouView+ Box, you can record programmes directly from Freeview but anything On Demand can't be recorded. Don't forget, programmes are often repeated or may be available for longer in the relevant On Demand player so it's a good idea to search for it to check when you can watch it.


I can't find a programme in On Demand, why is this?

Some programmes can take a while to be added to On Demand, and others e.g. live events may not be made available On Demand at all. It's also worth noting that whilst you can usually watch the same programmes using a player (e.g. BBC iPlayer) on your computer as you can on TalkTalk TV using the On Demand players, occasionally there may be differences. These scenarios are due to the legal rights of certain programmes or a decision by the broadcaster.

If you're experiencing problems with your On Demand service, please take a look at the steps below.

Picture quality

If your On Demand picture quality isn't as good as it should be, it's often due to a connection problem. Follow the checks below to fix the problem:

  1. Restart your router - leave it for 30 seconds & switch back on

  2. Check your cables - make sure they are connected securely, and use a HDMI cable where possible.

  3. If you use Powerline adapters, check they are set up correctly.

  4. Check you have an internet connection - the Internet light on your router should be green. 


Update players & software

To keep your TalkTalk TV Box working at its best, and check for missing players, it's a good idea to have the latest software and player versions. We send this out to your Box automatically, but if you regularly switch it off at night you might not have the latest updates. If you notice any of your players are missing, a quick aerial check & player update with the steps below should fix the problem.

  1. Check your aerial - this must be connected securely to receive On Demand services. If this is connected, follow the steps below to update your players.Aerial connection

  2. Press the YouView Button, then select Settings

  3. Choose Device Management, then Update On Demand Players

  4. Select Check Now, then once the check is complete select Finish.

Your On Demand players should now be updated. If you also want to check you have the latest Box software, visit YouView Box Software Updates.


My On Demand is buffering/ isn't working properly

If your On Demand isn't working as expected, it's usually because there's a connection problem. Follow the steps below to fix the issue:

  1. Check your landline - If there's no dial tone head over to the service centre for further help.

  2. Make sure your cables are connected securely - visit the YouView setup guide for guidance.

  3. Check your network connection with the two steps below:

    1: Press the YouView Button, then settings and choose Network & Internet

    2: If your wired connection says Auto, and the network status is disconnected try selecting wired connection, press Next, then OK and it should reconnect to the Internet.

  4. Restart your router - switch it off, wait 30 seconds and then switch it back on and allow it to reconnect to the internet.

  5. Check your usage - If you've got a few family members downloading or streaming content at the same time it may affect your connection. 

If you’re getting an error message on a single On Demand player you’ll need to refer to the player providers below for more help. If none of the players are working, your YouView box may not be connected to your broadband network. To resolve this please try our TV Troubleshooter.

BBC iPlayer

ITV Player



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