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The TalkTalk TV service has a great range of extras that you can purchase to customise your TV plan with your favourite series and shows, and ensure there's always something great to watch on the Box. Discover our brilliant range of TV Boosts and find out About the TalkTalk Player where you can rent films, buy content & much more.

As well as all this, you'll find a range of other players offering subscription or pay per view content On Demand to enjoy via your YouView Box. Take your pick from movies, sport, music & much more ready to watch when you are. As these services aren't provided by TalkTalk, you may need to subscribe to the Content Provider directly to receive a login and then you'll be access their player or channels via YouView. For help and support, we recommend visiting the provider's own website where you'll normally find plenty of information and FAQs.


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Now TV gives you the flexibility to watch programmes on demand on a set of different devices. Now TVYou can sign up to NOW TV and get a 30 day free trial of the Sky Movies Pass.


How can I watch NOW TV?

You can watch on YouView, PC/MAC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, games console and more.


What do I get with NOW TV?

With the Sky Movies pass you get access to hundreds of exclusive movies you can’t watch on any other online movie subscription service for £9.99 a month. You can also access Pay Per view movies to find latest releases, classics and more.

And for sports fans, the Sky Sports Day and Week passes gives you access to all the best sports coverage starting from just £6.99 for 24 hours.


How do I pay?

You will need to set up an account with NOW TV where you will be asked to provide credit card details. Any subscription or pay per view services will be billed to this card.

For any pay per view shows you will be prompted to enter your NOW TV PIN to confirm the purchase. Your NOW TV PIN will be created during the sign up process along with a NOW TV parental controls PIN.


Now TV and YouView

NOW TV provides YouView customers with a host of options, from paying monthly for unlimited access to Sky Movies, or renting a single movie on a simple, pay-as-you-go basis. You can find further information on the NOW TV website.


Where can I get my username and password for NOW TV?

To receive your username and password for NOW TV you will first need to register for the service at Once registered, your username and password will be confirmed and these are the details you need to use to sign into the NOW TV application on your YouView Box.

For assistance logging in or if your details are not being accepted then please visit the NOW TV website for support.


I need help using NOW TV

For support on using NOW TV please visit the NOW TV website.


Will NOW TV charges show on my TalkTalk bill?

Now TV is a separate content provider. YouView is an open platform which allows any/all content providers to distribute their content in On Demand Players. Now TV is powered by Sky and is paid for using a separate subscription and bill.


Eros Now is a pay per view service that offers you the best Asian movies, including latest releases, Eros Nowstraight to your YouView Box. 

To find this channel, head to the TalkTalk Player and select Eros Now.


How much does it cost?

Movie rentals are from £2 each.


How long do I get to watch the movie?

Pay Per View Movies can be watched as many times as you like within 48 hours from the point at which you ordered the movie.


Can I subscribe to Eros Now?

Of course! Our brilliant Eros Now Boost is just £5 a month, which gives you unlimited access to a different selection of 20 included movies ready to watch as many times as you like whilst you're subscribed to the channel.  Head over to our TV Boosts Guide to find out more.

Sky Store is an on demand Movie rental service provided by Sky available to all customers with a YouView Sky StoreSet Top Box. You'll find a huge range of movies from all genres with plenty to entertain the whole family.

Please note, this is a 3rd party service not managed or operated by TalkTalk.


What do I get with Sky Store? 

YouView offers you greater choice in Movie rental by the addition of Sky Store. In order to use this player, you need to create an account on the Sky Store website before making a purchase.


How do I pay?

To make a purchase on the Sky Store, you will first need to complete the Sky Store sign up process where you will be asked to enter your card details. Any purchases you make on the Sky Store will be billed to this card.


I need help, or have a problem, with the Sky Store

For support with the Sky Store, please visit the Sky Store website.


Will Sky Store charges show on my TalkTalk bill?

Sky Store is a separate content provider. YouView is an open platform which allows any/all content providers to distribute their content in On Demand Players. Sky Store is powered by Sky and is paid for using a separate bill.


Concert TV is an on demand music video service providing access to some of the biggest shows from Concert TVwell known bands and artists. Enjoy high quality live performances from your favourite music groups and artists from the past to the present, letting you live and re-live classic concert moments. For more information, visit Concert TV.


Where do I find this channel?

The channel can be accessed through the TalkTalk Player under Included Channels if you're currently subscribed to the channel or Extra Channels if you wish to subscribe to this channel. 


How much does it cost?

Shows can be rented at a price of £4 for 48 hours access and will appear on your TalkTalk bill.

The Netflix Player is installed on all YouView Boxes, and offers you the best Catch up TV, Netflixa huge range of TV boosts and hundreds of movies on demand all ready to watch from the comfort of your sofa! Netflix brings you their Netflix originals like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, as well as more of your favourites from a vast library of TV and films, like Breaking Bad. Now watch them instantly, totally ad-free on your TV as well as all your devices.


How do I get Netflix?

Netflix is available via subscription - visit About Netflix to find out more.


How do I get support with Netflix?

Visit Problems with Netflix for help and assistance with the Netflix service.


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