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We’ve been doing lots of work to get our services back up and running for customers. Now, My Account is up and running with the most popular features, it’s possible to buy or upgrade broadband online and we’re working to get everything else ready as soon as we can whilst we add additional layers of security.

Value Line Rental

At TalkTalk, we are always looking for ways to save you money. So, with our Value Line Rental, you can pay your line rental for the whole year in one simple card payment and receive 10% off.

If you are looking for information on renewing your Value Line Rental, please see Value Line Rental renewal.

How do I sign up for Value Line Rental?

Value Line Rental is available to all TalkTalk line rental customers. You can sign up via My Account where you'll need to make a one off card payment for the Value Line Rental service.

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I already have discounted line rental

As you already benefit from a discount on your monthly Line Rental, we recommend you do not purchase our Value Line Rental until this discount expires.



I have package discounts

As long as you don’t have a discount associated with your line rental then you can pay up front for Value Line Rental. If your discount is related to your talk plan you can sign up to Value Line Rental.



Does my contract change?

Your contract remains the same. Signing up to Value Line Rental does not affect your contract or your services in any way.



What happens after the 12 months?

You will be contacted to sign up to a further 12 months before the initial period ends. If you choose not to take this deal then you will revert to standard line rental charges.



What happens if I move home?

If you signed up to Value Line Rental at your current home, you can take the savings with you to your new home. Our dedicated Home Movers team will start your 12 month Value Line Rental at your new home, and you'll be asked to make a one-off payment for your new VLR. We'll then apply a credit to your bill for any unused line rental from your current home. Visit Moving Home with TalkTalk for more details.



Will I get any refund if I cancel my

Value Line Rental?

The one-off Value Line Rental charge is non-refundable, so if you decide to cancel it we won't be able to offer you a credit or refund for any unused value line rental.

If you're leaving TalkTalk, we'll apply a credit for any unused value line rental to your final bill. Please wait until you've received this bill before requesting a refund.



What will I be billed for?

The upfront payment will be shown as a one off charge with payment received on the first bill after Value Line Rental has been added.

You will see an entry for Line Rental on all 12 bills with a charge of £0.00. If you are a new customer to TalkTalk, you will see a pro-rata amount on your first and last bill.




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