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What’s free on my YouView Box?

Your YouView Box gives you access to a huge selection of Freeview channels, On Demand players and content available to purchase that can cater for all tastes. Take your pick from free channels and On Demand, plus add some extra ones to give you even more choice from just a little extra each month and no lengthy commitments.


What’s free?

Freeview Channels

Your YouView Box can pick up over 70 Freeview channels, including some in HD, so long as your aerial is able to pick up the signal. Whatever Freeview channels you’ve been able to pick up on your TV, you’ll definitely be able to pick up on YouView. Visit Freeview to find out more about the channels you can receive in your area, or head over to our TV Channels Guide for a full list of available channels on TalkTalk TV.


On Demand

In addition to Freeview channels, so long as your YouView Box is connected to your broadband connection you can also enjoy thousands of shows on catch up on demand. All of the best loved On Demand players are included such as those below and more are being added all the time. Visit On Demand to find out more.

BBC iPlayer  ITV Player    Demand 5 milkshake STV Player       


What costs a little?

On top of all this free content, TalkTalk offers a spectacular selection of paid-for content too including movies, hit TV shows, series, box sets, rentals, content to own and much more. This is all located in one place called the TalkTalk Player, giving you a great selection of extras to customise your TalkTalk TV plan.

TV Boosts

TalkTalk’s Boosts allow you to purchase the best movies, sports & much more content all for only a little extra per month. You can unlock a whole host of channels which will be broadcast live, straight to your YouView Box over the internet. You pay for Boosts on a month-by-month basis, meaning you don’t need to tie yourself into a long and costly contract to see the content you want to watch. Visit TV Boosts to view the full range and find out more.

Sky Sports Sky movies      

      Gold National Geographic Channel


Buy to own

You'll find a selection of content available to buy to own, so you can purchase your favourite episodes or boxsets in SD or HD (depending on your line speed) and watch them whenever you like on your YouView Box and TV2Go app! Your purchases will be stored in My Library ready to watch whenever you choose. Visit Buy to Own to find out more.


Film Rentals

With TalkTalk TV, you can rent the latest film releases from TalkTalk without having to leave the comfort of your living room. You can rent any film on the list for 48hrs, at a time which suits you. You can also rent episodes of your favourite shows not available elsewhere on demand through TalkTalk’s range of Boosts. Find out more about the TalkTalk Player.


Subscription Channels

These are extra On Demand services available on YouView from other providers, such as Netflix, Now TV and many more. You'll usually need to subscribe to the Content Provider directly to receive a login and then you'll be able to access their player or channels via YouView. Press the YouView button on your TalkTalk remote for more information.

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