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What are HDMI and SCART leads and where can I get them?

You can use either an HDMI or SCART lead to connect your YouView Box to your TV. We recommend that you use an HDMI lead so you can enjoy programmes and films broadcast in High Definition on the HD channels. You’ll even notice the benefits when watching Standard Definition channels, receiving superior picture and sound quality through your HDMI lead.

Remember, you’ll need an HD-Ready TV to watch programmes and films in High Definition.


If you do use a SCART lead, you’ll still be able to receive Freeview and On Demand channels. However, you won’t be able to watch them in High Definition or have access to HD channels.


When you receive your TalkTalk TV service, we’ll provide you with all the cables you need to get your TV service up and running.

If you’ve damaged or lost your cable and wish to purchase a replacement, you can find both HDMI and SCART cables in the TalkTalk shop.

If your TV is HDMI compatible, we recommend you avoid using both your HDMI and SCART cables together and plug in your HDMI only. If you plug in both cables, you may find the picture switches between SCART and HDMI quality.

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