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What are Powerline Adapters?

Powerline Adapters with built in intelligence are the perfect choice if you want to avoid running any additional cabling through your home. Powerline Adapters are devices that use the electricity power lines in your home to send your broadband signal between your YouView box and router.

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They are really useful if there's a big distance between your YouView box and your router, or if you don't want additional cabling running from your YouView box to your router. What’s more, power lines are a much more effective way of transmitting your broadband signal than extension wiring, ensuring your connection remains strong, no matter the distance.

You’ll get two in a pack – simply connect one to your YouView Box, the other to your router, plug them into the mains and your devices are connected. Just ensure you plug them into the same circuit within the home.

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Use TalkTalk Compatible Adapters

To ensure your TV experience is as good as possible we have made sure our Powerline Adapters are fully compatible with our TV service. Using non TalkTalk Powerline Adapters may cause problems with you not being able to watch certain programmes On Demand or from our TalkTalk Player.

Can I use them with other devices?

Yes, Powerline Adapters can also come in useful for other devices, like desktop computers, laptops and games consoles. If you have a big house with thick walls and you have trouble picking up wireless in certain parts of the house, or you simply can’t find an Ethernet cable that’s long enough, a Powerline Adapter could be a perfect way of increasing the range of your router.

Find out more about using Powerline Adapters.

Where can I get Powerline Adapters?

Whether you’re new to TalkTalk or an existing TalkTalk customer upgrading to one of our TV packages, you can request Powerline Adapters when you make your order:

  • If you order self-install, they will be delivered along with your YouView Box
  • If you ordered an engineer installation, the BrightSparks engineer will bring them along when they install your box

If you’ve opted for an Engineer Installation, but forgot to order them with your package, just let the engineer know when he arrives. He’ll set them up and charge them directly to your TalkTalk account. They'll appear on your 1st or 2nd bill.

If you’d just like to buy a set for yourself, you can purchase a pair of adapters at any time from our TalkTalk shop from £17.50.

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Using my Powerline Adapters

Find out more about using your Powerline Adapters.


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