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What are TV Boosts?

TV Boosts are a great way of adding exciting extra channels to your existing TV service, which you can watch at any time while the Boost is active. Our Boosts give you unlimited access to premium content like Sky Sports, Sky Movies as well as countless entertainment channels like Sky 1 and Fox, documentary channels like National Geographic and Discovery and lots for the kids too, like Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel.

Sky SportsSky movies

Our Boosts come in different packages, meaning you only need purchase the channels you want. If what you’re after is sport, then our Sky Sports Boost is ideal. If you’re a film buff, then you can’t go wrong with our Sky Movies Boost. If what you’re after is the best new drama, comedy and entertainment from both sides of the pond, then the Entertainment Boost or Entertainment Extra Boost are perfect.


      Gold National Geographic Channel

Unlike with other content providers, our Boosts offer complete flexibility. There are no lengthy and pricey contracts tying you in and you can decide whether or not you want to keep your Boosts on a month-by-month basis.

Find out how to order Boosts.

You can find a list of available Boosts below. For more detailed information visit the TalkTalk website or check out our list of available channels.

Please remember, you’ll need a minimum broadband speed of 5Mbps to add TV Boosts. Find out more.

Monthly TV Boosts can be added to your account at any time, not just at the start of a calendar month. If you don’t want to renew your Boost, you can cancel it after a month, but no sooner. For instance, if you decide to add a boost on December 11th, the earliest you can cancel your boost would be January 10th.

By subscribing to a monthly TV Boost we will continue to provide you access to the TV Boost you have selected until such a time as you ask for the TV Boost to be removed. Whilst subscribed to a TV Boost we will continue to charge you on your TalkTalk bill on a monthly basis until the Boost is cancelled.

TV Boost Monthly Cost Minimum Contract
TV Starter Boost  £5 Essentials TV /
 Inclusive on Plus TV
 Monthly Subscription
Kids Boost  £5  Monthly Subscription
TV Music Boost  £5  Monthly Subscription
Star TV Boost  £5  Monthly Subscription
Entertainment Boost  £10 Essentials TV /
 £5 on Plus TV
 Monthly Subscription
Entertainment Extra Boost  £15 Essentials TV /
 £10 on Plus TV
 Monthly Subscription
Sky Movies Boost  £15  Monthly Subscription
Sky Sports Boost  £30  Monthly Subscription
Sky Sports & Movies Boost  £40  Monthly Subscription
Asian TV Boost  £10  Monthly Subscription
Eros Now Boost  £5  Monthly Subscription
JSTV Boost £30  Monthly Subscription
Arabic TV Boost £15  Monthly Subscription
kykNET TV Boost £10  Monthly Subscription
PictureBox  £5  Monthly Subscription


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