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What is sync speed and how can I check it?

Your sync speed is the speed of the broadband connection between your router and the local telephone exchange - or from the local green cabinet in the case of fibre.

Sync speed is mainly determined by the distance of your home from the local telephone exchange. It can also be affected by temporary factors like weather, which can cause the quality of the local phone line to deteriorate.

Because your sync speed relies so heavily on the distance from the telephone exchange to your home, that means you’re unlikely to see much of a difference in sync speeds between different providers.

Sync speeds are not completely fixed and you’ll find that they can change each time you reboot your router.

How can I check my sync speed?

If you are a non-fibre customer, you can check your sync speeds by following these steps:

1.     Open any internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox etc.)

2.     In the address bar, type


Router log in

3.     Type admin into the text boxes next to Username and Password and click OK

4.     Make sure you have selected Summary from the options on the left and click    
        the Green Button next to DSL (Sync)



5.     Now you’ll see your router stats displayed. You’ll see your upload (up) and      
        download (down) speeds next to where it says DSL Line Speed



Please note: these instructions are only for customers with TalkTalk routers. If your router isn’t from TalkTalk please consult your router manual or visit the manufacturer’s support site.

If you are a fibre customer, your Openreach modem will handle your sync speeds. Please check the modem’s manual or the manufacturer’s support site for more details.

Your sync speed is the maximum speed at which your router can connect to the internet. However, it's important to remember that in practice your connection speed will be limited by a number of technical factors. You can check the actual speed of your broadband using the TalkTalk speed checker. Your sync speed will always be higher than your speed test result.

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