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What is a test socket?

A test socket is the ideal point to test your home’s internal phone wiring for faults. You can also use it to identify any potential faults with the phone line outside. Select a question from the list below to find out more:

What is a test socket?

Your test socket is located in your master socket. It is the point between the internal phone wiring in your house and the phone line outside. That means by plugging into your test socket you can bypass all the internal wiring and test your device directly on the phone line.

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How can I find it?

If your master socket has a removable faceplate then it should contain a test socket.

Master socket

If your master socket doesn’t have a removable faceplate that means it won’t have a test socket (and we don’t recommend forcing it to check).

Standard landline socket

All you have to do to find the test socket is unscrew the faceplate and remove it. You’ll find the test socket underneath:

BT Test socket

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How do I use it?

By plugging into your test socket, you bypass all the internal wiring. This will help you identify whether any problems you’re having are to do with the wiring in your home or to do with the local telephone line.

If your devices are working fine in the test socket, then the problem is probably in your home. If none of your devices are working in the test socket, then it’s probably a fault in the local area.

TalkTalk’s Service Centre can help you identify and remedy any faults with your connection or phone line. Find out more.

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Should I keep my router or phone plugged into my test socket?

It’s not something we recommend. Plugging into this will disconnect all the internal wiring in your home, meaning none of the other phone sockets will work. We only really suggest you use it to help test for faults.

If you need some troubleshooting, head over to TalkTalk's Service Centre.

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