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What will I get with TalkTalk TV?

With TalkTalk TV you'll be able to enjoy:

  • Catch up TV that goes back 7 days, so you can watch shows you missed last night or even last week directly in the YouView programme guide.
  • Unlimited access to BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5 on your TV.
  • Search, pause and rewind live TV including HD in the YouView programme guide.
  • Ability to add on flexible TV Boosts such as Sky Sports and Sky Movies Boosts with only a one month minimum commitment.
  • Customers with a YouView+ box can also record two programmes at the same time (one of which can be a TV Boost channel).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get 3D content through YouView?

Currently there are no 3D programmes on the service but in the future 3D films and shows may be available.

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Can I get adult programmes through YouView?

Yes, there are several channels that offer adult films and shows on YouView. You are able to restrict access to these channels using parental controls.

To see what adult content is available please visit the adult category in the on demand section in the YouView menu.

Please see the How do I hide, show, restrict adult on demand content and parental controls guides.

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Can I get High Definition (HD) TV on YouView?

Yes you can. YouView has HD functionality which means you can watch HD Freeview channels and may also be able to access HD shows On Demand. You can find out what HD Freeview channels are available in your area with our Availability Checker.

For HD on demand entertainment you'll need a faster broadband line before you can view programmes in HD.

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Can I get local programmes through YouView?

Yes, local programmes are available from some broadcasters and will be based on the region or postcode you specified during set-up. Some broadcasters offer extra local services in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. To make sure you receive local programmes please ensure you have provided a postcode in the settings area.

BBC One: There are regional variations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Your local news will depend on where your transmitter is. You can check what programmes you will receive by selecting your region on the BBC website.

BBC Two: The same as for BBC One but the digital variations for Scotland and Northern Ireland can be slightly different from analogue. BBC Two Wales is only available on analogue, so digital viewers in Wales get a channel called 2W instead. The schedules are very similar but 2W shows more local programmes than BBC Two Wales. You can check what programmes you will receive by selecting your region on the BBC website.

ITV1: Depending on where your local transmitter is you'll receive regional programmes from Anglia, Border, Central, STV (Scotland), Wales, West, London, Meridian, Tyne Tees, UTV (Northern Ireland) or West country. You can check what programmes you will see by selecting your region on the ITV website.

Channel 4: Channel 4 has the same programmes across England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland. However, Welsh viewers can only get the main UK version with digital TV. Analogue viewers get S4C instead, which has Welsh language programmes. Digital viewers get the main UK Channel 4 and S4C (S4C digital is on between 11am and midnight). They also receive S4C2 which shows coverage of the Welsh assembly for part of each day.

Bid TV and QVC broadcast at certain times of the day in Wales.

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Does YouView have the red-button interactive services?

Yes, YouView does have interactive services available. You can use the red button on your TalkTalk remote to access all the interactive services on Freeview TV channels, as you would with any other Freeview TV.
Please note some on demand players do not support red button services at this time.

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What YouView services can I get in my area?

To make sure you can enjoy TalkTalk TV from TalkTalk and get the best possible service, we have an Availability Checker. This is so we can run a quick test to check your broadband speed and see what TV channels you can get in your area.

For TalkTalk TV to work at its best, your broadband connection needs to run at minimum speed to receive on demand and catch up TV. Your TV aerial will also need a stable signal to receive Freeview digital TV channels. 

To get the best results from our Availability Checker we suggest you:

  • Use your home broadband connection
  • Ensure your PC or laptop is connected directly to your router via an Ethernet cable and not wireless
  • Close all open applications on your PC/Mac
  • Make sure no other devices are connected or downloading data at the same time, if they are please disconnect them 
  • Run the Availability Checker at different times of the day.

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Will YouView have radio channels?

Yes, YouView will have a selection of radio channels. You can check exactly which channels you can receive using our Availability Checker. Answer a few simple questions and we can run a quick test to find out which Freeview TV and radio channels are available in your area.

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