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YouView engineer installation guide

If you don’t feel comfortable installing your YouView Box yourself then one of our Bright Sparks engineers can set it up for you.

talktalk brightsparks engineer

When you first order TalkTalk TV you’ll be given the choice of self-install or engineer install. If you choose an engineer install, then one of our Bright Sparks team will visit your home to install your box for you and set it all up. They’ll even optimise your broadband to make sure you’re getting the fastest speed for your line.

You can choose a convenient date and time for the Bright Sparks engineer to visit when you place your order.


If you're new to TalkTalk, your Broadband will need to be up and running before your TV engineer appointment and you can track this online.

Track my appointment

To find out more, select a question from the list below:

Will you send me anything before my appointment?

Before your Bright Sparks engineer appointment, you’ll receive your TalkTalk Welcome Pack in the post. This will contain your PIN, which you’ll need to access your TalkTalk player, verify any purchases or watch any purchased content.

We’ll also email and text you with all your appointment details, so you don’t forget. As an extra reminder, the Bright Sparks engineer will call you and let you know what time they’ll be arriving (which is usually between 7am and 8pm).

Don’t worry about any of the YouView Box or any of the other equipment. The engineer will bring everything with them to the appointment.

YouView service

If you are a new TalkTalk customer, you will receive your Broadband router in the post before the Engineer arrives.  If for some reason you don’t get it, don’t worry they will have a spare. All the other equipment, including your YouView Box, will be brought by your engineer.

Is there anything I need to do before my appointment?

There are a few things we ask you check before your Bright Sparks engineer appointment. These will make the engineer’s visit much quicker and easier. Please check that:

  • There is a parking space near your home for the engineer
  • You have a working TV aerial that can receive Freeview TV channels
  • There is an aerial socket on your wall near where you want your YouView Box to be installed
  • Your TalkTalk broadband service is up and running
  • There are free power sockets to connect your equipment (near your TV)


If you have any problems with these checks, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

What happens during a Bright Sparks appointment?

The engineer will install and setup your YouView Box. So you can enjoy all the added extras you get from YouView over broadband, the engineer will also connect your YouView Box to your router. If your router is a long way away from your TV or in another room altogether, you might want to purchase some Powerline Adapters (if you haven’t already).

Powerline adapter setup

These let you connect the two devices together over your power lines. These are much better at carrying a broadband signal than extensions, so can give you a much better TV service. If you haven’t ordered already and you’d like Powerline Adapters, ask the engineer and they’ll install them. The cost will be added to your TalkTalk bill.

Once everything is installed, the engineer will then help you with setup. If you want, they can help you set any Parental Controls to block children from accessing adult content. When it’s all up and running, they’ll even give you a demonstration on how to use the service and all its great features.

For more information on your Bright Sparks engineer appointment, check out this our video guide.

Can I track or change my appointment?

Of course! You can easily check or change your TV appointment to a more suitable time online. The steps for this will depend on whether you're new to TalkTalk or are upgrading to a TV package.

  • I'm new to TalkTalk:

If you've just signed up to TalkTalk, simply log into My Account to view your order progress. You'll be able to see your upcoming appointment(s) and you can click the Change Appointment button to rearrange for a more convenient date and time. 


  • I'm upgrading to TV:

If you're upgrading your package to TV and would like to check or change your TV appointment, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Log into My Account.
  2. Under Track Order click View progress.

    Track order
  3. Under the TV Engineer Appointment section click on Reschedule TV Appointment

    Current appointment
  4. Select a new date and time slot then click Confirm.

    New appointment
  5. Finally, decide whether you'd like to continue with the new appointment or keep your original.

Please note: If you're new to TalkTalk or if you’ve recently moved home there must be at least three days between your phone & broadband services going live and your BrightSparks TV appointment. Please be aware of this when rescheduling.

How much will a Bright Sparks engineer appointment cost?

A Bright Spark appointment to install your YouView Box and teach you the basics will only cost £65. This will be added to your TalkTalk bill.

I've changed my mind. Can I install the box myself?

If you decide that you would prefer to install the YouView box yourself that's not a problem. Simply Contact Us by 3pm the day before your visit and we can arrange this for you.


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