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About the TalkTalk Router


New customers who sign up for SimplyBroadband, Essentials TV, Plus TV and Fibre will get the latest wireless router to best suit the package you choose.

If you're an existing customer you might want to upgrade to one of our latest routers to benefit from better broadband speeds and improved wireless coverage.

Which router will I get?

Currently, TalkTalk offers these routers. They are:

DSL - 3780

The Plus router is perfect for general users. It has four Ethernet ports allowing you to connect up to four devices by wired connection at the same time and you can connect more wirelessly. You’ll get this for free when you sign up for the Essentials TV plan and Simply Broadband. Find out more about the Plus router.


Hgg 633

Our Super Router has the latest Wi-Fi technology with an increased number of antennas, the Super Router delivers the “best performance in class” and extends coverage in your home to areas where you couldn't previously get a connection. What’s more, when you’ve got a connection, it’s faster than ever before! The Super Router connects straight to your Superpowered Fibre broadband without the need for any other modems. It also allows you to connect up to four devices by wired connection with the four Ethernet ports and even more wirelessly. You’ll get this for free when you sign up for Plus TV  or Fibre. Find out more about the Super Router.


All our routers are available to buy in The TalkTalk shop.


What's included in my router box?

You'll receive the following in your router box:

Please note: The router you receive depends on which package you have taken and may look different to the picture below.


How do I track my router?

New to TalkTalk?

If you've order a router as part of a TalkTalk package you've signed up for, it's simple to track it by logging into My Account. For more information on this, see About my router delivery.


Online Shop Orders

If you've purchased any equipment from our Online shop, you'll be able to track this on the Order Tracking website


How do I set up my router?

Connecting your router is simple, just follow the steps in our detailed guide to setting up your router.

If you have the TalkTalk Super Router then follow this detailed guide to How do I set up my TalkTalk super Router?

If you are new to TalkTalk, please make sure your services have been activated before connecting your router. You can check your activation date in My Account.

Can I recycle my old router?

Yes you can. Recycling old routers is great for the environment and helps reduce both yours and TalkTalk’s carbon footprint.

To recycle your old router, visit TalkTalk trade in and we can arrange for a pre-paid returns bag to send your old router back to us in.

Where can I buy a new router?

If you're an existing customer and need a new router, we recommend our TalkTalk routers. They are configured to work on our network, so will offer you the best performance – and are much easier to set up than routers from other manufacturers.

To find out more, visit the TalkTalk shop.

Can I use a router that isn’t from TalkTalk?

You can. However, you might find that setup is a little more difficult this way. On TalkTalk routers, the router connection settings are already configured to work on our network. If you use a router from another manufacturer you’ll have to enter these details manually on setup.

We can only offer limited support on routers that aren’t from TalkTalk. For detailed help and support, you’d need to visit the manufacturer’s website.

Find out more about router connection settings.

Can I recycle my TalkTalk router?

Yes you can

Recycling old routers is great for the environment and helps reduce both yours and TalkTalk’s carbon footprint. To recycle your old router, simply visit TalkTalk Trade-In.

As this is only a recycling service, we won't be able to offer payment for your unwanted TalkTalk equipment.


TalkTalk routers are subject to a £6.75 delivery charge.

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