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Can I use extension cables with my router?

The problem with using extension cables is the further the broadband signal has to travel the weaker and slower it will become. This is why we always recommend that you plug your router into your master socket where the signal has the least distance to travel once it enters your property.

We also recommend you only use the cables we supplied you to make the connections. These are of optimum length and made of the best quality materials for carrying the broadband signal.

Ethernet & ADSL cable

People that do use extensions will most likely experience a drop in performance. Some customers might even find their connections dropping completely.


Extension advice

If you want to move your router and must use an extension, then we strongly recommend that you avoid using standard telephone extension cables. They are not designed to carry broadband signals and are some of the worst offenders when it comes to slowing broadband speeds.

Your best option is to use a longer Ethernet cable to connect your computer or device to the router. So long as you get a good quality Ethernet cable, the interference this cause is minimal. You can find extended Ethernet cables in the TalkTalk shop.

Ethernet cable

Alternatively, you could use good quality ADSL extension cable. While these won’t be quite as good as the Ethernet cable, they will allow you to reposition your router if needed. You should be able to find these in any high street electrical store. Make sure you only plug this into your master socket.


If you’re using a wired connection rather than a wireless connection, then it might be time to upgrade. Wireless allows you to connect to the internet remotely, without the restriction of wires and cables and is much more effective than using extensions.


What are Powerline Adapters?

Powerline Adapters use the electrical ring main within your home to distribute the broadband signal around your property. They are often a good option if you are having problems using wireless within your property. If you want to purchase Powerline adapters you can do that in the TalkTalk shop.



Alternatively you can use Wi-Fi Powerline Adapters, see instructions for setting them up, or visit the shop to buy

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